What to do When Your Home Hits By A Storm?

So, picture this: you are in your living room sipping a cup of hot cocoa while watching your favorite season on Netflix. Suddenly you hear winds blowing and soon it starts raining like cats and dogs. It only takes another moment for the strong current to turn into a full-blown storm. Luckily, your local residents are trained in case a storm hits, you quickly gather the family, your dog, and take shelter in your basement. The storm passes without any significant events, fortunately. However, when you step outside to assess the damage, you can’t help let a groan escape, your roof has almost been blown off and there are other damages as well. So, what do you do?

What to do When Your Home Hits By A Storm?

What to do When Your Home Hits By A Storm?

In case a storm or a hurricane hits you, here are the immediate actions you need to take:

Ensure Complete Safety of your Loved Ones:

The first and foremost instruction is not to go outside no matter how calm it seems. Stay in your basements or homes and do not come out until it is safe to do so. Turn on the radio to hear further news and instructions. In case, it is deemed okay to leave the safety of your home, stay away from power lines or damaged trees. Keep your kids away from floodwater and do not let them swim in it. Check on your neighbors to see if they are okay or in need of any assistance. Check your gas pipes for any leaks and ensure your sewer system is fully functional before you flush. Do not drive if you can avoid it. These safety precautions are sure to keep you safe when a storm hits your house.

Assess the Damage:

After you are done ensuring the safety of your family and yourself, your next step is to assess the damage the storm has brought. The very first step is to check your house for any damage. Roofs mostly suffer the most damage especially if a broken tree falls on it. Check for damage such as holes in the roof, split seams, leaks in your ceiling, and dents on the gutter or cracked tiles. Check your windows for cracks, holes, splitting and check your doors as well, as they might be hit by debris. Look for damage to siding, bricks, walls, and paints and check any outdoor appliances such as barbecue grills and air conditioning units. Assessing damage properly will help you keep safe in the wake of another storm or any rain and will help you on your track for repairs.

Repairing the Damage:

It is extremely important to repair any damage to your house instantly. Let us face it; the car might be significant but a little dent in it will not make much of a difference to your life. However, a hole in your roof or walls could mean imminent danger. Suppose, God forbid, another storm hits your home? What if any wild creatures or a burglar enters your house? It is necessary to fix these damages as soon as possible to strengthen the structural stability of the house.

Check up on your homeowner’s insurance policy and see what aspects they cover and especially if they cover damage by natural disasters. Next, hire up a contractor that will quickly fix your house up in no time.

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