Ways to Keep Babies Busy While You Improve Your Home

Home improvements are always exciting and fantastic.  But it can be quite tedious to get your home improvements done when you have a baby or small toddler.  Infants consume a lot of time and they require a lot of attention.  It is no surprise if moms and dads run around caring for their children all day long without getting a single other thing done.  It’s incredibly hard to get home improvements done with a little baby crawling about your dangerous tools and equipment or when the home improvements are disturbing naptimes.  Here is how to keep your child busy so you can continue on home improvements.

Don’t make your baby used to quiet sleeping environments

A lot of parents create perfectly hushed environments for when their babies sleep.  Babies who learn to sleep in silence cannot sleep when there are noises in the house and home improvements often has a lot of loud noises.  You should teach your child to sleep with noises right from the start so any drilling, hammering and sawing noises won’t keep them from getting their needed naps.  The best ways to teach kids to sleep with noises is to play music or radio while it is naptime and to get them to nap in different locations.

Ways to Keep Babies Busy While You Improve Your Home

Get a baby carrier and work with baby

Your little one cannot sleep all the time.  A baby carrier will enable you to carry your baby with you and get things done.  The baby carriers strap your baby safely to your body where they can sit, laugh, explore and even nap.  Your hands will be free to do other safe tasks around the house.   Here is a review site where you can have a look at all the best baby carriers currently on the market.  The reviews will give you all the detail you need on all the different carriers such as the color, shape, style, functionality, features, price and all the pros and cons of the different carriers so you can choose the safest and best carrier for your baby.

Get a baby swing to soothe baby for a while

A baby swing will automatically rock your baby for you and most baby swings has a lot of dangling toys that can keep your baby entertained while you get some work done.

Give baby some time in a play mat

Play mats are great for teaching your baby about color and textures.  Give your baby some time in a play mat so they can learn to play alone while you work on your home.

A little bit of TV a day cannot hurt

Too much TV is never good for a child but educational TV programs can teach your baby a lot about life.  A little bit of TV can be good for your baby especially if you are handling some dangerous tools that can harm your child.

Get a baby monitor

There is no better time for home improvements than nap time.  With a baby monitor you can get to work and still listen for your little one to ensure that your baby is perfectly safe.