Using Vinyl Decals to Personalize Your Space

A trend that continues to grow in the home improvement and home décor sectors is the use of vinyl decals to personalize a space.  Not only can vinyl decals be cut precisely to the design, they are often easy to use than paint and stencils, and are easily removed when you want to make a change.  If you are considering using vinyl decals in your space, here are a few popular categories to consider.

Geometric Elements

While creating perfect circles, squares, or triangles with paint can be quite challenging, vinyl decals are precision cut.  This helps ensure proper proportioning and overall accuracy, allowing you to create a display that looks complicated in as little as a few minutes.

Some sets include individually cut pieces, allowing you to place and adjust each element to fit your space and style.  Others arrive as sheets which help ensure the design is properly spaced and aligned while all you have to do is place one piece.

Using Vinyl Decals to Personalize Your Space

Quotes and Sayings

Another popular option involves using vinyl decals cut to display a favorite word, saying, or quote.  Designs can include lines from favorite books, including classics like “Alice in Wonderland”, as well as quotes from inspirational authors like Karen Salmansohn.

Most quotes and saying are either cut in single sheets, or one word per sheet.  This helps maintain proper letter spacing in both options, with one being designed to fit a specific space and the other being more customizable.

Wall Murals

Pictorial designs and full wall murals are even available.  Some are designed to show a particular silhouette, such as a tree or bird, while others are printed with a photographic image as the subject.  This can allow someone to add a large scale piece of art without the commitment of painting a mural.

Benefits of Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals can provide a variety of benefits over using paint.  One primary benefit of using vinyl decals is that, once you tire of the design, they are easily removed without damaging the walls.  Additionally, many are reusable.  This allows them to be shifted or repositioned as needed, moved from one house to the next, or removed and stored seasonally.

The material is also durable, and can be wiped down if the surface gets dirty, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.  While use on walls is common, some will also cling well to ceilings.  Windows are also a popular place to display vinyl decals as they will not leave behind the sticky residue associated with using tape.

Some common uses for these designs include children’s rooms and nurseries.  This allows the design to be easily changed as the child ages without having to go through the hassles associated with repainting.  They are also ideal to use in rental properties where making permanent changes to the walls may not be possible, or may require a significant effort to correct before moving.

Businesses may also appreciate this low maintenance decorating option that can also be changed to suit a particular holiday season.  This can allow a business to adjust their displays to reflect upcoming holidays and seasons in a way that is easy to change on a regular basis.

Finding Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are available from a wide variety of specialty retailers and big box stores, both online and in physical stores.  Some specialty retailers even offer customizable options, allowing you to choose specific colors for the designs or adjust the text to represent your business or family.