Trends to Consider Before Remodeling Your Office

Office configurations and sizes are constantly in flux. Determining what your office should look like is a little akin to looking into the future. Trends in the commercial market are always shifting. So, you should consider them before remodeling your office. We can assure you, before you dive in, that less is more (in décor) and increasing the amount of shared space is highly advisable.

If you’re living in Southeast Asia, you will need to seek out the help of those who provide office renovation in Singapore. You can renovate your existing space rather than having to find a completely different locale. Space can be reconfigured and re-appraised to ensure you are getting the most out of your money and the employees who work for you. You might even increase efficiency with some of the trends on the list below.

Trends to Consider Before Remodeling Your Office

7 Ways to Rethink Your Office Space

People were designed to be social creatures. They are most productive when they have the ability to bounce ideas off one another and access areas of individual expertise. Unfortunately, the last trends in office design were utterly counterintuitive to that truth. People were separated into wee-little areas that left them feeling alone, alienated, and often times, bored. Here are 7 ways to rethink your office space:

  1. Collaboration– This is the biggest word in the business world. Offering areas where people can sit together and collectively discuss programs, plans, and ways to implement them will garner the most success you have probably ever seen. And your employees will appreciate it. Read this.
  2. Sharing- Surely you have heard the adage, sharing is caring. Well, that is just as true in the workplace as it is in everyday life. It’s time to say goodbye to big private offices and hello to connected smaller spaces with a shared central location for meetings and collaboration.
  3. Technology– Face it, mobile devices have enabled people to step away from the cubicle. There’s no reason they should have to remain tethered to a desk that feels like a cell. These kinds of spaces can sometimes limit productivity. By reconsidering the way you utilize technology in your company, you could be opening up your office space to a far more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.
  4. Planning– When you decide to redesign your office space, you should consider the layout as it relates to the activities your employees perform throughout the day. If they are going to have a lot of meetings, a bigger conference space should be available, and then some smaller private areas added as well. But, you can also utilize couches and comfortable chairs for those who can perform their work from laptops and other mobile devices. Click here for more information.
  5. Space vs Time– Previously, the amount of space someone in the office acquired had everything to do with his/her title. However, we are seeing a shift towards offering more space to those who spend more time in the office.
  6. Customization– Sure, some jobs are completely tied to the desk and computer screen. However, not every employee needs that same desk and screen. The work space needs to match the person doing the work.
  7. Walls Talk– We told you this would be about looking into the future, and in the future, the walls will talk. They will be personal property that can be disconnected and moved as needed.

So, what will the walls of your office say to your employees? Learn more.