Tips to Save Money on Home Improvements

Home improvements are often a necessity. Something goes wrong, there’s a leak, a missing shingle, or a cracked tile and it’s time to invest some money in repairs. But, what if you knew some tips to save money on these much needed repairs and renovations?

Imagine the money you could save utilizing the following tips. If you banked it and let it build you could start doing some traveling. Who knows? You might be looking to book tickets to India in the next year or so simply because you were frugal when it came to home improvements. Vacations and home repair could become synonymous if you’ll follow these simple tips.

Tips to Save Money on Home Improvements

Do Your Own Work- This is the tip that most people shy away from. However, you can learn to do just about anything on eHow or YouTube (read more). Seriously, we’ve watched videos about putting on metal roofs and changing out bathroom faucets. There’s no reason you can’t do it yourself so long as you have the right tools. And, tools are always a valuable investment as a homeowner. This is probably the greatest way to save money because contractors and handymen aren’t cheap!

Plan with the Future in Mind- If you are intending to remain in this home until you’re on your last leg, then this money saving tip isn’t for you. However, if you envision selling and moving sometime in the future then we recommend only doing renovations and improvements that are going to add value to your home over time. A new roof is one of those investments. Homes with newer roofs are worth more to buyers.

Do Your Research- Go to the local home improvement places and cost out materials. You should have a decent idea of what those replacement faucets, tiles and shingles cost. Then, get at least three bids for the work you want to have done. You can utilize the home improvement center’s contractors, a recommended contractor and a well-known handyman. If your improvements don’t require permits you’ll likely find that the handyman is considerably cheaper than the contractors. But don’t use any old handyman, make sure he is someone that has been recommended to you by a trusted source. Learn more about picking the right contractor here.

Stay Away from Expensive Redesigns- As much as you might want to add a bathroom to the guest bedroom, if you’ve got to move a loadbearing wall and repipe just to get it there, it’s probably not worth it. And, that kind of remodeling will put a huge damper on your plans to visit India. Plan to remodel and renovate things that are readily and inexpensively done. This will save you tons of money and lots of disappointment.

Embrace the Middle Ground- Sure, custom cabinetry and highly artistic tile can add flare to your home. However, if you can embrace the middle ground and get standard cabinets and moderately priced tiles, your house will be gorgeous simply because it’s new and your pockets will be lined in preparation for your trip. It’s all about priorities here. Are fancy cabinets with ornate trim superior to the Taj Mahal? The things you can see in India will far surpass the decorative tile in your bathroom, just read this.

Keeping your home improvement goals on a budget will open doors for more fanciful adventures. Don’t miss out because you’d rather have niceties at home.