Tips for Accessorizing Your Small Guest Bedroom

Sleeping solutions is one of the biggest struggles that just about everyone tussle with when they receive guests over to their house.  Sure, it is a great pleasure to welcome friends and family over for the night because you can chat until the early hours of the morning, you don’t have to worry about driving home and all formalities are cast aside when the pajamas comes out which allows everyone to just be themselves around others for once.  A guest bedroom is incredibly handy if friends and family sleepovers are usual in your home but how do you accommodate entire families when they come over?  Well, the best way to keep everyone cozy and happy is by accessorizing your small guest bedroom the right way.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Small Guest Bedroom

Get an inflatable mattress or two

An Air Mattress or two is just what you need for your small guest bedroom because with one or two of these you will always be ready for guests no matter how big the family or friend circle is.  These mattress comes with an electric pump that auto fills and has three layers of fabric that greatly reduces the chances of a tear or air leak.  The mattresses can deflate in as little time as 90 seconds and stores away neatly in a small package that is sure to fit into your guest bedroom’s closet.  With a few of these you can set up a cozy sleep area anywhere in your home.

Create a storage space underneath the bed

Storage is always an issue in a home and not because your guests might have luggage.  They are only likely to stay a few nights at most anyway.  Storage for extra blankets, pillows and sheets is however always a nightmare especially during summer when you have to store all of those extras away. Creating a bed base with built in storage unit might be costly but is definitely worth the investment if you consider all of the extra space you will have for extra linen.

Consider a mini coffee bar

A lot of people are either too shy or too considerate when sleeping over to just barge in and take over your kitchen during the middle of the night if they would like to drink something.  They fear disturbing everyone in their sleep.  A mini bar in the guest bedroom is a terrific way to keep your guests happy because they can still enjoy basic drinks like coffee, tea or water during the night when you are no longer awake to serve.

Stock up on essentials

Essentials like towels and fragranced cleaning products such as shampoo and soap should definitely be added to your guest bedroom’s cupboard, even if you are all sharing a bathroom.  These extras will ensure that your guests feel welcome at all time and can make their stay at your house much more comfortable.

Art up

Creative art like ‘welcome quotes’ or ‘sleep well quotes’ will create a sense of calm in your guests and will ensure them that they are definitely wanted.