Three Steps to Make Your House Fitness in A Friendly Way

You might have noticed that as time is progressing, the list of emerging infectious diseases (EID) is growing. These are the diseases whose incidence has increased in the past two decades and is likely to continue rising in the future as well. Though many of these diseases are infectious some of them are fatal too. Lyme disease, Hepatitis C, Influenza, Tuberculosis, are names of few of the rapidly increasing EIDs. The main reason why humans are vulnerable to such diseases is the lack of fitness. Obesity negatively affects our immune system, and as a result, we become susceptible to infections and diseases

You do not know the real value of health until you are unhealthy. Becoming fit and staying healthy takes a little bit of effort but it has long-lasting results. Stop being the lazy person who hits the snooze button every morning, instead put on your Nike gear and start working out. One thing you must bear in mind is that change begins at home, so take the following necessary steps to make your house fitness in a friendly way:

  1. Grow organic fruits and vegetables:

Turn your backyard into a kitchen garden for organic fruits and veggies. Avoid using pesticides and insecticide because the residue stays on the crop even after you have washed it. Organic gardening reduces the use of carbon dioxide which leads to slow global warming. Moreover, there are several bugs and insects (such as a Honey Bee) that are beneficial for pollinating the flowers, but these bugs do not approach the garden due to the use of insecticides.

Organic food is hundred times better and healthier than conventionally grown food because it is free from the use of hormones, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. Conventionally grown food is often a contributing cause of miscarriages, congenital disabilities, Parkinson’s Disease, different types of cancers, infertility, and depression. There are hundreds of benefits of organic food. So start sowing seeds of apples, cabbage, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other vegetables and fruits.

  1. Make a small gym in your house:

Staying fit doesn’t mean just eating organic food. Instead, you need a good amount of exercise to burn the stored calories. There are hundred of ways to burn calories such as yoga, Zumba, aerobics, running, etc. Rather than joining a gym you can utilise the space in your house and turn it a personal gym.

Three Steps to Make Your House Fitness in A Friendly Way

Building a house gym is a great idea for those who do not like to workout in front of other people and prefer physically training in the confines of their home. All you need is some cardio and upper body strength training equipment such as bench press, adjustable dumbbells, barbells, treadmill, cycling machine, and a rowing machine. Instead of surfing every other website for a buying guide on rowing machine why not check here. If you have kids, you can install monkey bars in the garden for your and their enjoyment.

  1. Let the sunshine in:

The Sunshine is the primary source of Vitamin D. Not getting enough sun reduces our muscle strength and weaken the bones which cause sudden tiredness, makes us lethargic and dampens our mood, all of which are symptoms of depression. So, lack of Vitamin D not only affects us biologically but it also has psychological drawbacks.

Therefore, increase the sources of natural light in your house by opening your windows more, and installing hopper windows. It changes the atmosphere of the room by improving the ventilation and adds life to your house. Daylight is good for your health, but enjoy it in moderation. Other benefits of Vitamin D from Sun is, it boosts your metabolism, reduces cancer risks, eases mild depression, and boosts immunity.