The different types of interior design explained

Interior design can become rather intricate with so many choices available when deciding which style suits you best. There are more types of interior design to choose from than regular or modern. In this article we will be looking at most of these types and what they represent. It is fun to recreate the look and feel of your home and can sometimes allow you to feel like you have just purchased a new home. Click here for interior design on a budget.

The different types of interior design explained

The first style to start with is definitely Industrial style. It dates back to the industrial era and emphasizes design that includes steel and wooden elements. You might find that exposed brick is also included in this style. You can also include copper items keeping in mind that your home should have a rustic feel. There are also lots of vintage items that would look great in an industrial styled home.

Another type of interior design that has recently entered the scene is a nautical design. This is a cozy and relaxing design that reflects a beach house style. Remember that white, sand color and blue will be the primary colors for this design.  If we look at Stephen Collins from 7th heaven fame we would consider that his house would be elegantly designed in this style and that he also holds a passion for anything to do with boats and shipping.  You can very easily combine chic upholstery with colorful carpets and rugs.

An elegant way to design your house would be by selecting a bohemian style. This is obviously for the free spirits that are looking for a carefree and relaxing environment. You can include almost any vibrant pattern or color and also give your house an almost messy look. It would work great if you could get hold of nomadic style furniture to compliment all the wonderful trimmings that you are going to add.

A very popular interior design option is to completely recreate your home to a farmhouse style home. This will include wood and nature with some traditional items. You can easily turn your home into a farm-style home by purchasing the right furnishings. Click here to take a look at a farmhouse designed home. Add an indoor herb garden with a cabin inspired interior. Decorate your home with dried lavender.

Last but not least we have a shabby design. This is a type of design that is shabby but still looks chic. With this style you need to add a lot of vintage items. The older the items are the better. This should include antique furniture. You also need to make your home look as comfortable as possible with pastel colors and lots of linen. Imagine a comfortable couch with comfy scatter cushions and throws. This is one of the most popular choices for interior design. Shabby but chic can almost be compared with a flea market look in order words you will do well with secondhand items that have been refurbished.