The 10 Best Healthy Foods You Need in Your Kitchen

The 10 Best Healthy Foods You Need in Your Kitchen

What type of food do you have sitting around your kitchen? When it comes time for dinner, what do you often reach for? Are you reaching for the mac n’ cheese again or the take-out menu? Whether you are a health food fanatic or a junk foodaddict you should always pay attention to what you are putting into your mouth. However, it is not always easy to find food that is not only healthy but actually tastes good too. According to an article on Fitnesshere are the ten best healthy foods you need in your kitchen:

1. Broccoli: helps prevent cancer cells from developing.

2. Lemons: helps prevent the growth of cancer cells.

3. Potatoes: helps fight off cancer.

4. Salmon: helps fight off heart disease, cancer, depression, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Walnuts: helps reduce cholesterol and fights off cancer as well as shields you from sun damage.

6. Beans: lowers your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

7. Spinach: boosts the immune system and good for your eyes as well as a great cancer-fighter.

8. Dark Chocolate: reduces blood pressure.

9. Avocados: lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease.

10. Garlic: inhibits the growth of bacteria and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

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