Take Your Toolbox to the Next Level

If you are serious about home improvement, you will often need to invest in tools beyond the basics.  Once you have acquired a quality hammer, a basic set of wrenches, saws of all shapes and sizes, and a sufficient number of screwdrivers, consider adding these items to make your do-it-yourself home improvement projects the envy of the neighborhood.

A Portable Workbench

Avid DIY enthusiasts know how much time can be wasted moving between a garage-based work area and the place where the improvement is actually being made in the home.  In order to shorten the time spent moving between the locations, and thereby shortening the time needed for the entire project, consider adding a quality portable workbench.  These workbenches are lightweight enough to be easily moved throughout the home while still providing the strength and support required to get the job done.  As a bonus, many portable workbenches can be folded up for easy storage inside or outside of the home.

Take Your Toolbox to the Next Level

A Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless impact wrenches provide the muscle necessary to handle the kinds of jobs a standard wrench just can’t handle.  Whether it is a nut that was previously overtightened, has rusted up, or has been stripped to the point that a regular wrench cannot generate the power needed without slipping, an impact wrench can apply the force necessary to turn any nut or bolt you may need undone.  By sticking with a cordless version, you have all of the power you need without having to factor in the availability of a plug.

A Lighted Screwdriver

While standard screwdrivers are fine for most jobs, sometimes you have to work in darker spaces, making it difficult to see whether you have the screwdriver properly aligned with the screw you are trying to undo.  In these cases, a lighted screwdriver provides the light you need, right where you need it, without having to try and hold a secondary flashlight.  Additionally, a lighted screwdriver can be seen as preferable over a headlamp since the light on the screwdriver is always directed exactly where you need it to be, even in spaces that do not allow you to orient a headlamp correctly in the space.

When investing in a lighted screwdriver, be sure and find one with multiple, interchangeable heads.  This will allow you to remove more types of screws without having to purchase multiple tools.

A Calculator

Many homeowners who take on DIY home improvements neglect to purchase a calculator for the tasks.  Whether this is due to the fact that they feel confident in their ability to perform the necessary calculations in their head, or on paper, or have a calculator available on their smartphone, it is often wise to acquire a separate calculator just for home improvement purposes.

On reason is that not all home improvement activities will make using your smartphone wise.  For example, if you are dealing with paint, high amounts of moisture or dust, or extreme heat, it may not be the best environment for a smartphone.  Even if there is just a risk the smartphone will be hit by a heavy work tool, having an alternative may be wise.  Additionally, calculators can be purchased with larger buttons and do not require you to remove your work gloves in order to operate it correctly.

For those who generally rely on mental power to perform calculations, it is still advisable to have a calculator available for those instances where precision is critical.  That way, you can check your math against the calculators output, helping to ensure everything will come out as you desired.