Modify and Upgrade Your House By Adding A Conservatory to it

Every house requires maintenance from time to time. The place you live in gives others a glimpse of your personality. While seeing someone’s house for the very first time, we make certain judgments about the folks who live in it. A clean and an orderly home make its occupants seem professional. If you think your house looks outdated and you would like to improve it without spending a fortune, then a conservatory is the missing piece of your puzzle. Doing that would enhance the worth of your home as well. Read more to find that out:

What is a conservatory?

For those who do not know what a conservatory is, it is a sunroom or a greenhouse depending on how you use it. A typical greenhouse has a glass roof and lots of windows. It is a part of the house with the most sunlight. Greenhouses are usually attached to only one side of the house. So if you have some space in your yard or a large garden which doesn’t get much attention, you can utilize the space by building a conservatory on it. You can put a sofa set, table, chairs, and some plants in it to make it a pleasant sitting area.

Modify and Upgrade Your House By Adding A Conservatory to it

Conservatories are becoming extremely popular nowadays because of their versatile use and modern outlook. However, don’t get confused between a conservatory and an orangery since the former contains a lot more glass than the latter. Moreover, a conservatory has a pitched room, and an orangery has a flat perimeter roof.

A glass roof or tiled roof: which one is better?

Before building something, you need first to decide the material that will go into its construction. Therefore, some necessary research is a must before you start working on your conservatory. One thing you should know, a conservatory has large glass panels and a little brickwork/framework because their purpose is to let in Sunlight. That is the reason why people prefer a glass roof for their conservatory rather than a tiled roof. However, while a glass roof may make your conservatory sunnier, it is not necessarily a good choice. Cleaning a glass roof is extremely difficult, and it does not retain any heat, this feature comes as a drawback during the winter season. Hence, we would recommend installing a tiled roof because it prevents heat loss, and offer reduced noise levels when compared to the glass roofs.

Advantages of having a conservatory on your property:

  1. It lets you enjoy the weather and the surrounding landscape while sheltering you from the adverse weather conditions. So, you can appreciate the rain or snow without getting wet.
  2. Building a conservatory is an investment as it adds value to your house. It makes your house highly attractive which will be beneficial while you are selling the house.
  3. The conservatory is an excellent way to utilize vacant space.
  4. A perfect place to sit back and relax, with the sky as your roof and the greenery as your backdrop.

Conservatory Roof Guide:

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