Ways of Heating Up Your Swimming Pool

Not everyone is okay with a pool in its room temperature especially if it is not in the summer. Luckily, there are many swimming pool heating options and hence you are not tied to the option of swimming in cold water which may not be fun always. The best part is that heating a swimming pool does not have to be necessarily expensive as there are many cost effective ways of doing it. Some of the cheap ways of heating a pool includes:

Ways of Heating Up Your Swimming Pool

Ways of Heating Up Your Swimming Pool

Using a black hose

Apart from the initial cost of buying the hose, it is completely free. It uses solar energy to absorb heat into the pipes which are then used in the pool. It is a natural way of heating the pool though it may not work where there is no sun. The hose pipe should be long enough to cover the area from the pool pump to where it will get enough direct sunlight.

Solar cover

This is a very cost effective way of ensuring that heat is retained in a swimming pool. They prevent the loss of heat through evaporation. The solar cover works to absorb heat into your pool but at the same time prevent the loss of heat through evaporation.

Getting solar rings

Solar rings are a good alternative to a solar cover. They will make sure that the pool is bale to absorb heat but no loose it. Basically it’s more of a solar cover but in small rings that are cheaper and easy to use. You need a few of them in water to float and harvest solar heat. They have the ability of generating heat of up to 21,000 BTUs per day.

Liquid solar cover

They are not as common as people are more used to the physical pool covers. Liquid solar covers will work in the same way as physical pool covers such that they will create a barrier that will prevent evaporation of heat only that the barrier is invisible to the human eye. It’s a chemical barrier that is eco-safe and non-toxic. They are however not as effective as traditional covers and rings when it comes to heat retention.

Windproof pool enclosure

Most of the time, heat will be lost in a pool because of wind. Physical enclosures are a great way of protecting the pool against environmental elements that may make the water to be cold.

Pool heat pump

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways of heating a pool. A heat pump will draw in warm air from the atmosphere into the pool. Contrary to popular belief, it does not use a heating element or gas and that makes it very cost effective too. Despite the solar levels, it will make sure that there is heat in your pool as it is more dependent to the temperature as opposed to the sun which means as long as the weather is warm your pool will be warm.