Your Home Improvement Guide to Paving

Spring is fast approaching and you’re looking forward to some outdoor fun. This might be the perfect time for you to upgrade your backyard to something a bit more entertaining. This simple and easy guide should give you some new paving ideas to give your home an improved outdoor look:

Your Home Improvement Guide to Paving

Your Home Improvement Guide to Paving

1.      Pick the right location

Choose an appropriate corner for your paving scheme, and remove any unnecessary material like plants, rocks, and soil to clear your selected zone. Next, start your excavation to get a deep space to install your paving. For walkways, it is recommended to be mindful of the area required for sand, road base, and pavement thickness.

2.      Even out your base

A good pavement needs a strong solid base that is evenly spaced out. Your road base should be installed evenly over the selected location, which should be compacted with a plate compactor at least twice to essentially give you the perfect even base, and then covered in washed sand and leveled with straight edges and timber floats.

3.      Align your pavement

To get a straight pavement you must line the paved area with string along the edges. Your pavers should be lined from start to finish with 3 mm spaces between themselves, perpendicular to the string boundaries. Fixing your pavers with a mallet will ensure they are secured and level.

4.      Choose the right fixing materials

A good fixture for pavers is a sand-and-cement mix made in a wheelbarrow, which can be spread along your pavement edges. This helps lock in the pavers.

5.      Give your pavement a proper finish

Add sand into your paver gaps, and use a plate compactor to ensure the final pavement is leveled. You can go the extra mile and use a sealer to protect your pavement and give it a polished finish.

6.      Get creative

You have a basic idea of how to pave – now you need to start adding something new. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and materials to give your outdoor pavement a pop! Try going for asphalt, bitumen etc. with color differentials and gradients, choose fancy designing like blocks or stripes, and if you’ve got cement in place then go for some colorful designs with chalk or paint. Get your family cloves for some creative fun!

7.      Get professional help

If home improvement and construction are not your forte, do not worry. Hire a trustworthy company to give you the pavement you want. West Tennessee Construction provides commercial paving services for your home improvement requirements. The company promises high-quality results and a dedicated support team, which is easily accessible to you at affordable prices.

The company’s detail-oriented services include on-site evaluation, parking lot maintenance and repair, asphalt repair, green paving services, concrete installation, pavement management and quality control. Their methods involve cost-effective and environment-friendly installations that give your pavement the best look and quality.

Before your pavement is installed, a qualified evaluation team explores your location for any issues, requirements and ideal spots to properly apply the right pavers, as well as giving your accurate price and material estimates for transparency. Not only that, but company appreciates the importance of attention to detail during paving and future maintenance of your pavements, so you can get the most out of your outdoor experience. All safety and regulatory standards are maintained throughout their services provided, so you can trust your pavement ideas to the team with the comfort of mind.

So do not worry, and call West Tennessee Construction now for the affordable and easy installation of your ideal outdoor pavement today!