5 Roof Trends to Consider For Your Home Improvement

Your home’s roof is a very important façade for the general look of your home.  The right roof can easily enhance your homes beauty, style and character.  In fact architects estimate that a home’s roof affects your homes general appeal by 30% and that is exactly why architects and builders put so much effort into choosing the right type of roof, the right color, the right material and the right style for each and every home they construct.  If you are considering a roofing upgrade for your home then you are reading this article just in time because up next we will be discussing the 5 top roof trends that is going to be hip in 2018.

5 Roof Trends to Consider For Your Home Improvement

  1. Solar roofing

Everyone in 2017 is already doing a lot more in order to save electricity and this good trend is going to continue to grow.  Solar roofing is going to be the hottest roof trend in 2018, not just because it is popular but also because this roofing solution helps save money, energy, reduces pollution and lightens the load on natural resources.  If you want a trendy and popular roof then switch to solar.

  1. Flat and minimal

In 2017 we have seen the phrase ‘less is more’ put into action because all modern home designs includes a basic, open plan, minimalist design and that is exactly why a flat and minimal roof look will be incredibly trendy in 2018.  Sleek is becoming classier with each and every day and these flat and minimal roofs are often a lot more affordable than slated roofs.

  1. Green roofs

If you loved the look of hobbit homes in the movies ‘Lord of the Rings’ then this is probably good news.  Green roofs are starting to gain a lot of popularity because the roofs are great for cooling down homes and the green layer of plants helps produce more oxygen.  The roof trend is also popular because home owners can use their own rooftops for gardening.  Setting up your green roof is however quite a challenge since your roof will need a waterproof layer.

  1. Lighter colors

Lighter colored roof tops are becoming increasingly popular because of the popularity of the huge ‘whitewash’ trend.  This roof type is also gaining popularity because so many home owners enjoy a much cooler home during hot summers because lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing it which results in an overall cooler environment.

  1. Roof tiles

Roof tiles are still one of the most popular roof material types and this trend will continue to be popular for a long time to come.  If you want to increase property value then this is also one of the best roof types to consider for your home.

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