Considering an Indoor Basketball Court for Home?

The modern home is very different from the traditional home. Most traditional homes included extra specific rooms like a dining room, study room, lounge room and TV room.  With more compact living arrangements in all popular open-plan kitchens homes are no longer designed to contain these extra rooms.  A new trend is starting to surface with homeowners all over the world and that is to include an entertainment room in your home.  For some this entertainment room is a home movie theater, others like a gym room, some prefer an art studio and others invest in a gaming room.  One of the latest home trends is to include a basketball court in hour house plans.  And why not?  Basketball is a great sport for overall fitness and it is an activity that the entire family can enjoy.  This type of entertainment room is also relatively affordable since you only need a large room and very few extras for a complete indoor basketball court.

Considering an Indoor Basketball Court for Home?

Considering an Indoor Basketball Court for Home?

Try to include your court in your house plans

If your home is already constructions then your options are to either modify a room into an indoor basketball court or to extend your home.  Those that are taking on new home constructions are in the unique position to include your basketball court in your house plans right from the start.  The result is usually a much better-suited game room that looks absolutely fantastic.

Dimension requirement

Most indoor basketball court dimensions are about 30’ x 35’ and a minimum ceiling height of 17’.  With these dimensions, you can easily include a basketball into basically any home design.  The major structural difference between a normal room and a basketball court is that the flooring is done differently.  The foundation is usually 4 inches thick with 10 inch thick edges.  Hardwood floors or laminated wood floors look the best indoor basketball court.

The final touches

A great looking entertainment room is all about the finishing touches.  The basics you will need are a hoop and a basketball. On BBallWorld you can check out the best indoor basketballs on the market and see all the pros and cons of each of the different top rated basketballs that are available.   You can also look into a wall mounted basketball stand to keep your balls in the same spot and to give your court a tidy look.  Along with your hoop, you will also need to mark out your court so gameplay will be easy and fun.

Décor it basketball style

Of course, you can include basketball themed décor on your indoor basketball court for an overall complete look.  The best décor ideas for your wall is basketball star posters, mounted basketball jerseys, all your old high school trophies and of course a signed basketball.

With these tips and ideas, any homeowner can easily construct a fantastic looking basketball court inside the home.  The entire family can have fun while staying fit and your home will get a completely unique and sporty vibe.