Should You Buy A New Or A Used Refrigerated Van?

These days, the use of refrigerated vans, also known as reefers, are growing in popularity among businesses. This is particularly true for companies that are transporting products and goods that need to be kept at certain temperatures, such as meat, frozen food, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, tobacco items, and collectible arts. However, despite the growing popularity, reefers remain to be one of the most expensive requirements for businesses.

If you’re new in the transporting industry, the cost of buying a required refrigerated van can be one of your biggest challenges. Luckily, you have the option to buy a new or a used van; but as a business owner, do you think it’s best to buy a used refrigerated van or a new one?

Used Refrigerated Van

Buying a Used Refrigerated Van

One of the reasons why some business owners buy a used vehicle is because of its cost-saving benefits. Obviously, used reefers are much cheaper than new vehicles. If you’re a start-up and don’t have yet enough budget to buy a new refrigerated van, then buying a used truck can be your best option. However, the problem about buying a used van is you may be investing in an old vehicle with an outdated technology. Well, as long the vehicle is able to carry your items at their required temperatures, this shouldn’t be a problem. But keep in mind that most second hand vehicles don’t have a product warranty; so if the refrigerated van fails to operate after your purchase, you cannot ask the seller to replace or repair it. So if you’re considering a used van, compare if the cost-savings benefits is significantly greater than other factors, including the features and long-term benefits.

Buying a New Refrigerated Van

If you think that your business is capable of buying a new refrigerated van, then we suggest that you should choose this option. Since you’re in the transporting business, wherein storing products and transporting them at precise temperatures is really crucial, you really need to invest in a high-quality vehicle. New refrigerated vans are designed with the newest technology that can efficiently maintain desired temperatures. In addition, most of these kinds of vans are designed with adequate capacity, which allows you to transport more products and goods at a time. While they may be expensive compared to used reefers, new refrigerated vans are useful if you’re thinking about long-term.

Of course, there’s no standard right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a refrigerated vehicle. As what we want you to understand, your decision should be based on your own situation and other factors.

As mentioned, if your budget is tight, then you can consider buying a used van. But if quality and temperature is your top priority, then consider buying a new one. Another option is to rent a refrigerated van if you don’t have enough budget, but want to use a newer model. But whichever, it’s important to check out the features of the vehicle to make sure that you get the right one for your needs. It’s also crucial to choose a manufacturer that is reputable and already known in the industry, such as Hyundai and Thermo King. If you’re looking for a Thermoking v300 for sale, visit the Sprinter Guy Boston website.