Shaving Down The Garden: Top Tips for Garden Maintenance

Backyard full of weeds? Want to make it look like a paradise? Everyone can have an overrun backyard. You might take care of it; however, weeds can still grow and ruin the look of your garden. We understand between work and home, you might not get enough time to maintain your garden or water your plants. The best way to ensure a low maintenance garden that requires minimum effort is to cut down on the plants. All plants should be at a proper place as well so your garden does not look overrun. There are numerous solutions so; you can choose the ones that suit you the best.

Shaving Down The Garden: Top Tips for Garden Maintenance

Shaving Down The Garden: Top Tips for Garden Maintenance

Here are our top tips for low maintenance gardening:

Use Pots For Planting:

Weeds are pesky things that can be hard to pull out. However, if you do not have the time to perform such laborious tasks, you can use pots and containers to hold your flower plants. The best part? They can be transported around and you can easily change the look of your lawn every so often. There are many sizes of pots available in the market. If your plant is small then choose a smaller one, while older plants can require bigger pots. They are much easier to maintain than flowerbeds and you can even bring them inside for decoration purposes at special events.

Use Evergreens:

Most folks pave their garden up so they do not need to tend to anything. However, low maintenance gardening can help you renew the greenery in your garden! Evergreens are plants that stay green throughout the year. This will keep your garden looking green and healthy throughout the year. The bonus is that most of these evergreens are low maintenance plants that do not require attention all of the time. Just water them and ensure they get as much sunlight as possible.

Plant Shrubs:

Shrubs can easily make your garden look rowdy if not taken care of! However, when maintained properly they can provide structure and backbone to the garden. There are many low maintenance options in the market as well. You can buy some evergreen shrubs that will give structure to your garden throughout the year. However, you can use deciduous shrubs as well for an extra splash of color. These beautiful deciduous shrubs are harder to maintain but will add to the texture and color of the plants.

Maintain Trees:

Trees are perhaps the easiest to maintain all you need is water and a pole saw. If you have just moved in, then chances are there are several trees in the backyard. These trees can provide shade, fruits etcetera without needing a lot of water. Trees have deep roots and chances are they have already found water underground.

Therefore, you do not need to keep watering them. However, if trees are overgrown, they can cause many problems. It could grow too tall and break your overhead gutter line, scratch windows, or put too much weight on your roof.

In such cases, you need to shave down these trees so that they always remain a proper size. Do not worry! You won’t need to do this again and again! Just once or twice a year. Either you can hire professionals or you can do it yourself. If you prefer to do it yourself, then you have to use a pole saw. Pole saws are long saws that can help you cut down tree branches. If you are confused about which pole saw to buy, and then simply follow any online review website such as the Pro Cutter. They have reviewed the best pole saws in 2018 while detailing the pros and cons of each to ensure you can make an informed decision for yourself! You can visit the and find out the advantages of using the pole saw. Moreover, you’ll get to know how much you need to spend on buying a pole saw that meets your requirements.