Revitalize Your Carpets for an Improved Home Look and Smell

Carpets can make a home gloriously cozy and gives your home a warm and fuzzy feel but carpets are hard work to clean properly and to maintain.  A dirty carpet can easily make your home seem messy and carpet odors can be quite alarming and can give your entire home a misty and foul smell.  Carpet mold is also terrible for your health because it can lead to several medical conditions such as allergies, chemical sensitivity, farmer’s lung, aspergillosis and much more.   To improve your home’s look and smell your carpets should be revitalized at least once every six months and the revitalizing process is usually done in a five step process.

Revitalize Your Carpets for an Improved Home Look and Smell

Step 1 – Remove dry soil

Step one is to remove all dry dirt from your carpets.  Take a brush or comb and scan your carpet for any tangles.  Brush these tangles loose and comb out any tough soil, dirt or food sources that you can notice.  Now it is time to give your carpet a good vacuum.

Step 2 – Loosen soil

Now it is time to remove stubborn and sticky soil that doesn’t come out quite as easy.   The first phase involves a preconditioning session where chemicals are used to loosen up oils and other stubborn dirt from your soil.  You can also add stain remover to any stains on your carpet at this stage.  Different types of stains and stubborn dirt may require different cleaning or loosening techniques.  It is always best to use hot water because the warmth will help separate fibers and to loosen up dirt and oils.  Agitation should also be done by brushing your carpet and a lot of time is required for the chemicals to take effect and for the agitation process to be successful.

Step 3 – Extract loose soil

The extraction process is the most important because it will prevent mold and bad odors.  A good carpet cleaning tool will also extract the moisture as it washes but these are usually incredibly expensive.  A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a great alternative to remove the chemicals and shampoo from your carpet.

Step 4 – Puff up

Step 4 involves grooming or finishing.  A carpet brush or comb is used to loosen fibers so your carpet will puff up and become soft and smooth again.

Step 5 – Dry your carpet

The drying process is quite tricky, especially during winter or humid weather.  A mechanical ventilator, drying fans and dehumidifiers are great for drying your carpets off properly.

There is a simpler solution

All of this sounds like a lot of hard work right? Well it is hard work, especially if you don’t have the right carpet cleaning tools and chemicals with you.  In fact, without the right tools your entire cleaning process could be a waste of time or could even result in permanent carpet damage if you use the wrong chemicals or fail to dry off your carpets properly.  Carpet Cleaning San Antonio is a terrific carpet and upholstery cleaning company that can do all the above steps for you much quicker because they have the right carpet tools that will completely revitalize and refresh your carpets quickly and efficiently so your home will smell and look wonderful without any of the fuss.