Renovating Your Kid’s Room In An Eco-Friendly Way

Parents are always very concerned about their children’s rooms and play areas. Whenever you decide to engage in a renovation project for your home, make sure you opt for eco-friendly methods to do so. Products that are green and environment-friendly will not only contribute to your child’s health, but also to yours and the wellbeing of the Earth.

Renovating Your Kid’s Room In An Eco-Friendly Way

WOOD FINISHES: From wood trim around windows and door, to nursery furniture, your youngsters have wood that may need to be restored. Particularly for toys and cribs that younger kids may bite on, here are a few recommendations for restoring items. Consider using safe wood oils that are used on wood cutting sheets. For furniture painting and fixing, use items that are derived from linseed and hemp seed oils that are non-harmful and safe if ingested. A few eco-friendly manufacturers make non-toxic tung oil and beeswax wood finishing items that are likewise safe to coat and protect wood.

FLOORING: If evacuating the present ground surface is part of the renovation plan, consider these tips when using rugs. Ask the carpet installer how they apply their carpet items. Glues can be poisonous and additionally aggravating for people with hypersensitivity issues. Many carpet installers’ will utilize tacks rather than cements to secure the carpet. When picking a rug, settle on normal filaments rather than manufactured. A fleece or cotton rug with a jute support would be a decent alternate option to wall to wall synthetic fiber carpet.

PAINTING: When painting walls in kids’ rooms utilize low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. Fumes from VOC’s can emanate into the air, creating undesirable health conditions for you, your kid and the earth. Verify whether your most loved paint manufacturer offers eco-friendly paints and fulfills your artistic craving as well. Your favorite home change store may likewise have a line of eco-friendly paints as well! Once the new paint is all set, decorate the rest of the room with toys, cushions etc. Even when picking toys for your child, be sure to pick something that will contribute to their creativity and innovativeness. One option is 24 Building Block Games for Kids which help children build up structures on their own and contribute to their learning as well.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: When picking window applications ensure there is an approach to shut out direct sunlight rays. Valances are wonderful, yet there should be an approach to secure against direct heat which can be harmful for kids as well as the paint and textures inside the room. Here are some green proposals for picking window treatments. Utilize materials, for example, hemp, jute, cotton, or fleece to give style and to keep out the heath. In the case of utilizing roller shades, pick PVC-free ones.

PROTECTING THE ROOM: If you are thinking about remodeling while as yet living in your home, take careful steps while using building tools and machinery. Separate the construction areas from the rest of the home, and open windows and ways to permit construction dirt and air particles to leave the home. Change air channels instantly after the remodel occupation is finished to permit the ventilation system to sift through particles that are in the air. Once the remodel is finished, clean all surfaces, bedding, and cover with eco-friendly items and permit the space to freshen up for a couple days taking after.