One Tool for All Your Home Cleaning Needs

Cleaning supplies is hard to store, especially if you are already struggling to find the storage space you need in your home.  All of those different brooms, dusters, mops and buckets tend to take up a lot of space because of their length and you always have that annoying occurrence of having everything drop out of the closet the moment you open the door. What is worse is that these traditional cleaning tools are difficult to use.  You can have the fanciest mop and broom on the market and you will still have to put in a lot of elbow grease to clean your home properly.  And even when you give it your all to get your floors and home clean, there is always still a lot of mess left because there is no way these traditional methods can clean between the grooves of tiles or rid your home of stains and pet hair.

One Tool for All Your Home Cleaning Needs

A tool that will change the way you clean

The rainbow vacuum will change the way you clean your home forever.  This little vacuum doesn’t seem like much because it is simple in design and doesn’t take up much space but there is much more to it than meets the eye because this little vacuum cleaner is a multi-functioning system.

The vacuum is great for sweeping and dusting

By simply attaching a different accessory to your vacuum cleaner you can sweep up all of the dirt and especially pet hair from carpets and floors easily and effectively without sending dust flying into the air.  The vacuum also comes with an attachment that allows you to dust your entire home easily.

Deep wash carpets and upholstery

A water chamber is what makes this vacuum the perfect cleaning solution because you can add water and shampoo to the chamber and deep wash your carpets and upholstery without soaking your house.  You can also clean tiles much more effectively since the vacuum is perfect for getting those tiny grooves sparkly clean.

Fragrance your home as you clean

If you want to fragrance your home then you can simply add a fragrance or essential oil to the water chamber and scent your home as you vacuum.  This fragrance method is the best way to rid your home of pet odors or misty and dusty smells.

Purify the air as you clean

The vacuum also purifies the air as you clean your home which greatly reduces allergies and sinus problems so everyone living in your home can be healthier.

Improved health

One of the best benefits of the rainbow vacuum is that you will improve everyone living in your home’s health because vacuuming and deep washing your home will reduce allergies like dust allergies and pollen allergies and people suffering from asthma can enjoy easy breathing thanks to the cleaner and fresher air.

Enjoy your pets

You and your family can enjoy family pets a lot more because you don’t have to worry about pet hair floating around and sticking to everything.