Must Have Tools in Your House for An Emergency

Whether it is a pipe leak or a bear attack, the only way you can defend yourself and your house are by keeping quality tools somewhere safe. Tools assist you in solving any problem anytime. You just require knowing the appropriate tool for particular situations and how to use it. There is not much to learn. If you read the tool instructions, you can figure it all out within a few hours. Just do not experiment with it as you can get hurt by some of the tools.

Must Have Tools in Your House for An Emergency

Here are some of the tools you should always keep in your house for multi purposes:

Gerber Bear Grylls Multi-Tool

A military grade multi-tool, the Gerber Bear Grylls tool come in handy whenever you feel like you are in danger or struck in a difficult situation. This tool can be used for self-defense as it is in a knife shape. If you live in an area where the environment is not secure, and there is a chance of animal attacks, you need to keep this tool with you. This tool comprises of twelve different functions as well. These include changing broken pipes and holding electricity wires. It has an excellent rubber grip that makes the device very steady in your hands. There is no risk of it slipping from your hands. Even if you are not wearing gloves, the item will remain firm in your hands. This multi-tool is also weather resistant.

You can find out additional information about this tool at You can keep it in a humid place, and it will not lose its quality. Moreover, it has a safety system so if you have kids around; you do not have to keep it hidden. Just turn the safety on, and your kids will not be harmed.

Claw Hammer

A Claw Hammer is a handy tool when you have to fix things around the house. Most of the times, women want to change the decoration of the house. They want to put up new paintings and photographs, add some hanging on the walls, and put up hooks to hang extra things on. For all these things, the one tool you need is the claw hammer. The claw hammer drives nails in and can also be used to take them out.

If you do not like a painting hanging in the kitchen, you can take the nails out and fix them somewhere else. It is better to do this yourself at home than to call a professional for help because they will ask for a lot of money. There is no need to spend cash on something as easy as this. You can even fix small breakages using this tool.

Locking Pliers

To hold a broken pipe in its position until a plumber can come to fix it, you need a locking pliers. Locking pliers are a multi-purpose tool that is excellent for holding things in their place. You do not have to add any extra effort or force. Just let the plier do its job.

Initially, this tool might be a little confusing to use, so you have to experiment with it. You will have to hold the tool in position and use your other hand to fix the jaws. Keep the machine well-oiled because if it is dry, it will not move the screw and hence not lock the jaws. Locking pliers can be used for some other tasks too. If a nail is stuck deep in a wall, you will need this tool to get it out. If your water pipe is broken, lock the device in a position so that the tube faces the sink and not the floor.