Moving to a New Home? Here are 5 Things to Do Before Bringing Your Stuff

Moving to a new home is exciting. You want to get all of your furniture, accessories, and other items into your new space as quickly as possible so you can begin enjoying your new space. However, there are numerous activities that are much easier to accomplish before you bring all of your stuff in. To help you make the transition smooth, here are five things you need to do before you actually move in.

Cosmetic Updates

Unless you designed a new home, you likely didn’t have anything to do with the finishes in your new home. And that means there is likely at least a point or two that you would like to change. Whether it is the paint in the bedroom, handles on the kitchen cabinets, or tile in the bathroom, making those cosmetic improvements before you have a bunch of belongings and furniture in the way is a much simpler way to proceed.

So, take the time to look through each space and choose any cosmetic updates that would be a challenge once all of your furniture is in the space, and try to get those managed now instead of later.

Moving to a New Home? Here are 5 Things to Do Before Bringing Your Stuff

Carpet Cleanings and Floor Refinishing

If you want to deep clean or shine up any of your flooring, this is another task that is easier to manage when there isn’t a bunch of furniture in the way. Trying to shift couches, beds, or tables between rooms so that the floors can be managed is definitely the more difficult way to go, so do yourself a favor and get all of this done before you officially move in. Just make sure that, when you begin bringing your stuff in, that everyone keeps their shoes clean or covers them before walking through your home. And, if you choose to work with high-quality international moving services, they’ll be happy to oblige your request.

Electrical and Plumbing Repairs

In some cases, you buy a home knowing certain electrical or plumbing improvements need to be made. When that happens, it is better to manage this work before you bring everything into your home. Why? Because dealing with electrical and plumbing issues could require opening up some sheetrock and getting into the walls. Having furniture that needs to be moved can slow down the repair process, and it also exposes your property to the dust and dirt that normally occur during a construction project.

Windows and Exterior Doors

If you are going to update the windows or exterior doors, it’s better to manage those projects before bringing your belongings into the space. For one, window installations often involve construction dust and debris. Secondly, your home may be intermittently open to the elements. This means dust and pollen are coming into your home while the work is underway.

One final risk of having your things in the house is the potential exposure to thieves. While your windows and doors are being worked on, your home is inherently unsecured. Any valuable within eyeshot of an absent window or door may be tempting to passersby. And catching someone who grabs an item and runs isn’t the easiest task.

Those are just samples of the kinds of projects that are best managed before you move everything in. Then, once it is all complete, you can move into your new home without a care in the world.