More Environment Friendly Flooring Solutions

You are concerned about the environment. You have always been concerned and you would like to show it not only through your actions but also your choices when it comes to your home. You would like to have a more environment friendly floor placed in your own home because you have to admit, flooring takes up a lot of space inside your home.

More Environment Friendly Flooring Solutions

While in the past, searching for Eco-friendly flooring was complicated because there were not a lot of choices, the amount of flooring that you can see at present time have tremendously improved. There are some factors you ought to consider to know if the flooring is “green” or not. Some of these factors are the following:

  • Durability – If you would pick something that is not durable, you will be forced to replace your flooring again and again. Doing this will not be good for the environment so it is best to pick something that will last for a long time.
  • Non Toxicity – This is simple to understand. If you pick something that is non toxic, this will not only be good for the environment, this will be good for you as well.
  • Renewable Sourcing – There are some flooring options that are available right now that are made from renewable or recycled resources.

You know that marble is one of the most beautiful flooring that you can place at home but it will only be environment friendly if you would get marble used before in another home. If you were able to find any, you can hire a company that can do marble polishing – click here to bring back the natural beauty of the marble floor.

If you would like other options then this is only normal, here are a few other flooring options that are modern and beautiful at the same time:

  1. Cork – This is totally new to the world of flooring. You may see it more often on your wall but it can be a flooring option now. Whenever cork is taken from the tree, the tree is not killed. The bark will grow again in three years which makes it more eco friendly. This can be designed and finished with various materials in order to fit the effect that you want.
  2. Bamboo – If you have always loved hardwood but you know that it is not environment friendly, you can opt for bamboo instead. This has characteristics that are similar to hardwood which makes it nice to have. It has grains and can be finished in different colors that can add a nice touch to your home.
  3. Linoleum – You may think that linoleum is a bad choice because it is similar to vinyl but this is not true. Linoleum is made out of different materials that are more environment friendly. The fact that they do not cost a lot of money can be a plus for you as well.

Right now, a type of flooring gaining popularity is concrete. In the past, this was used as a base for another type of flooring but this time, it can be polished and finished in such a way that it is appealing to a lot of homeowners. You may never know, you may want to try it out as well. The best thing about this is it never needs to be replaced.