Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets are important to a lot of people. Your pets can be there for you whenever you are down or whenever you are going through some unfortunate events in your life. Your pets can also bring you joy after a long, hard day of working. The pets that you have at home are more than just animals – they are the animals that you long to care for and keep healthy so you can spend time with them for a long time.


Pets are not merely there to entertain you however, they would need love, care and attention too. If you would not be able to give this, then you cannot be a responsible pet owner. At the same time, you need to consider your pet’s safety when you are building a home.


The type of changes or specifications that you are going to make at home for your pets may differ depending on what your pet needs. For example, do you have a dog that normally runs going to the street when your door is left open, then you may need another safety door that will stop your dog from reaching the street unattended. You also have to think about the items that may be hazardous for your pets.


If you are normally out of your house for more than 8 hours, you cannot let your pets starve. You can choose to get an automatic dog feeder that will give the food that your dog needs at the right time. There are different dog feeders available though. It is best that you choose the one that will work best for your dog’s needs.


Here are some tips that you can follow to make your home more pet – friendly:


  • Take a look at the plants that you have at home. Do you know that there are some plants that are harmful for your pets? Do not let your pets become victimized or poisoned by plants that should not be there. There are a lot of common yet toxic plants that you should be familiar with.
  • If you have antifreeze at home, make sure that you keep it in a place that will not be accessed by your pets. It seems that there are a lot of pets that die from consuming anti freeze every year because they find the smell appealing.
  • If you have sewing tools or other items that you use for your arts and crafts, make sure that you would keep this out from your pet’s reach. There are some dogs that may use your pincushion as a chew toy and they may end up getting pinned as a result. Worse, they may even swallow needles and pins. This is the same with cats, they may love your knitting yarns. They may become tangled with yarn or get hit by the knitting needles.
  • Have the right flooring and fabric that will make cleaning and maintenance easy for you. There are a lot of choices now that will allow you to keep a stylish home without making the various parts of your home hard to maintain and clean.


Can you still think of other tips that can make any home become pet friendly? Feel free to share your tips below.