Leaving the nest? – Consider a Rustic Pathways Program

It’s always hard for a family when one of their members is starting to consider leaving the nest. Parents are always worried about what the future will hold for their dear child and children are always afraid of leaving their home where they have enjoyed such terrific memories.   Taking a gap year is sometimes the best thing a young adult can do because on this gap year you and your parents learn how to cope with the big changes that are coming and you can enjoy life and freedom before stepping into a work or student lifestyle.  Gap years are terrific for building self-esteem, learning independence and for figuring out what you really want to do with your life.  If you are considering leaving the nest and need a gap year then a Rustic Pathways program is a must.

What is the Rustic Pathways program?

Rustic Pathways is a traveling company that specializes in programs for young adults and children that want to travel learn and see the world.  This terrific travel agency has programs for group travels, spring breaks and gap years and young adults can enjoy lots of different programs to just about any country.

Leaving the nest? – Consider a Rustic Pathways Program

Which ages are eligible for the gap year programs?

The different travel programs have slightly different age groups for the Gap Year division.  Students who want to enjoy the Service & Exploration or Spanish Immersion programs should be between 17-22 years of age.  Those who would like to enjoy Rustic Internships should be between 18 – 23 years of age. There are also lots of other travel programs such as spring breaks for younger students.

Programs you can try for the ultimate gap year

Conservation and Culture in East Africa – Travel, work, and volunteer on expeditions through Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda and learn how an entirely different culture functions.

Golden lands and World Heritage – Visit tropical islands, see sacred ruins, explore history and cultures as you travel through Southeast Asia

Kathmandu to Kotchi: The Soul of South Asia – Seek ancient wisdom, enjoy fantastic adventure and learn how to be at peace when you travel this Hindu and Buddhist area.

Rustic Internships – Learn how different organizations, businesses and worlds work while you get a taste of what it will be like to work in your chosen profession and enjoy traveling and adventures on the way.

South Pacific Service and Ocean skills – Visit Fiji, New Zeeland and Australia and enjoy as much of the ocean as you like.

Spanish Immersion and Service – Practice your Spanish and explore different natural wonders in regions like Central America, the Andes and the Caribbean.

South Pacific Service and Ocean Skills (Spring 2017) – This program is perfect for a quick spring break if you aren’t ready for a gap year yet.  You can travel different areas and enjoy sporty adventures like surfing.

Check out some Rustic Pathway reviews

If you want to know from others about the service, benefits and quality of this fantastic travel agency then you can check out the Rustic Pathways reviews right now and get convinced that this is the best way to travel.