Keep Your Bathroom Walls Beautiful With These Tips

A bathroom is supposed to give you the feeling of ultimate cleanliness the moment you step inside it.  Spending some time in a hot tub filled with fragranced water has many therapeutic benefits to your body.  Hot water relaxes aching and tense muscles, relieves pain in joints and relaxing in a bathtub or hot shower gives your mind some time to relax and work through problems in your life.  You should feel refreshed, relaxed and sparkly clean after a shower or warm bath.  It would be a terrible shame if you couldn’t get that sparkly clean and relaxed feeling because your bathroom’s paint is peeling or if mold is growing all over your shower.  Here are just a few tips that will help you keep your bathroom walls beautiful and sparkly no matter how humid your bathroom gets.

Keep Your Bathroom Walls Beautiful With These Tips

Waterproof your shower and bathtub walls

Waterproof your shower and bathtub walls by installing showerwall panels for your bathroom.  You can choose to install these panels only in the shower or around the bathtub or install these panels throughout your entire bathroom.  Showerwall panels are a waterproof paneling system that protects your walls from mold, moisture and humidity.  These panels are fashioned with a moisture resistant MDF core, a laminated backing and a watertight finish that ensures that no moisture can penetrate the walls at all.  The paneling protects walls from direct water splashes in the shower or bathtub and can also keep moisture from wearing down your walls.  This 100% waterproofing system is available in various colors and designs.  You can get bold colors like the clementine or bergamot or choose a more natural look for your bathroom such as grigio marble, silver travertine and much more.

Get a dehumidifier for the bathroom

A dehumidifier in the bathroom can be a great way to remove the damp and moisture from your bathroom after shower times are done with.  With a dehumidifier your bathroom and towels will dry off much quicker and the dehumidifier will greatly combat a fogging mirror.

Consider tilling

Tiling your bathroom is also one of the best ways to create a clean and fresh feeling for your bathroom although you should get a professional tile expert for your bathroom so no moisture can seek through cracks in the tiling grout between tiles which can be disastrous.

Get the right paint for your ceiling

Ceiling paint tends to peal much quicker than wall paint because the heat in the bathroom expands and retracts the panels much more and most of the moisture drifts upwards in steam form.  Latex paint is one of the best paint types for a bathroom ceiling because this paint is much more flexible and durable.

Get the right paint for bathroom walls

If you don’t plan on tiling your bathroom walls then latex paint is the best solution for your bathroom although it is recommended to give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint at least every five years and to do frequent maintenance on cracks or peeling paint.