Incorporate Heat Guns to Your Home Improvement

Everyone has a home improvement project in their home at some point. There are many ways we can do home improvement depending on our needs. Home improvements can either be cheap or expensive depending on the path we choose to take. Luckily if you know some tips you can make your projects to be way cheaper. A heat gun is one of the powerful devices that can be used for home improvement.  Maybe you are wondering what are heat guns? It is a device that is used to deliver a stream of hot air. The amount of heat emitted will depend on the heat gun. For home DIY projects, a temperature of 750 Fahrenheit should be enough. Some of the ways you can incorporate a heat gun in your home includes:

Incorporate Heat Guns to Your Home Improvement

Stripping paint

Heat guns can be used for paint removal and help you remove paint quickly and in a cheaper way. The heat from the gun will blister the paint which will make it easy to remove the paint even by hand. This will however need a gun with heat of about 500F or higher. It is especially great at removing old layers of paint without the use of chemicals or getting professional assistance. You should however note that high levels of lead and heat don’t match and therefore you need to do a lead test on a small patch before getting started to make sure that you don’t cause harm to your home. Lead is not only dangerous but it is also complicated to remove hence will need professional assistance.

Shrinking materials

If you have a DIY project that involves shrinking materials, then a heat gun would come in very handy. It is a great choice when it comes to shrink wrapping especially if it is made out of plastic beads. It is also very simple to do it, you only need to make sure that the desired material fully covers an object and then you apply heat to shrink it. It will need high temperatures for this project, with a range of between 400F and 1000F.

Drying damp wood

We all know the way damp wood sucks; it can affect our high quality furniture and lower its quality. If it’s drying out the natural way, it may take longer. Dap wood also leads to mold which is associated with allergies and lowering the air quality in the house. A heat gun can rescue the moisture in the wood and help prevent further damage to the wood.

Bend and weld plastic

There are some projects in the home that may involve bending and welding of plastic. A heat gun will perfectly weld plastic since it is a flexible material with the hard high quality plastics such as polypropylene; they will need powerful heat gun to do the welding properly.


Even though this is a rare DIY project, you may need it sometimes. Desoldering is basically removing some components on a circuit board. With a heat gun, it is possible to heat up the required part to remove it. This is however a risky project to do on your own and in most cases you will need professional assistance.