Improving Your Home Photo Shoot

You have enjoyed your current home as long as you can. It is time to move on. So, now that you have completed all the home renovations and improvements, you are ready to put the home up for sale. Homes sell better if they can be presented in a good light through professional photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer though. We have some suggestions on improving your home photo shoot.

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Improving Your Home Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Great Home Shots

All the work you did on that kitchen remodel, and that bathroom renovation, should be well represented by the photos you take of your home. You want the potential buyers to see the value in all the blood, sweat, and tears invested in their new abode. Therefore, following these five tips should aid you in taking the pictures to sell your house quickly. Here are 5 tips for great home shots:

  1. Turn off the flash– Your flash will never light the room appropriately anyway. When using the camera without a flash, you can create warm and inviting images. Make sure you balance the interior lights and the last parts of daylight to get the perfect outdoor picture. Use natural lighting inside to allow for a soft feel. Read more.
  2. Don’t use wide angle lenses– While this may seem counterintuitive, the truth is, these lenses make the images feel distorted. If you use a normal lens, and back up to get as much in the picture as possible, you will end up with a far better presentation of the room. All the items in the image will be in proportion, and that will make the viewer more comfortable than the distorted proportions afforded by a wide lens.
  3. Employ a tripod– A steadier camera allots for better composition. Digital cameras will allow you to take test shots and then readjust as needed. You will be able to move the camera to capture all that you desire, and then you can also move the things in the room to compose the perfect photo. Learn more about the value of a tripod.
  4. Use low shots- Setting your camera lower than eye level will help you achieve magazine-esque images. A good rule of thumb, is to set the tripod at no more than 40 inches off the ground. This angle will provide the professional images you need to aid in the selling of your home.
  5. Shoot straight– Ensure that the camera, while on your tripod, is not at an angle up or down. Tilted cameras distort vertical lines in the photos. And, that will eliminate the professional quality you are hoping for. Set your camera sensor parallel to the subject, and center the camera in the room. Symmetrical images offer balance and help the photos feel grounded.

If you are in need of additional tips to highlight your home renovations in your photos, click this. Take your time composing the shots and you will be glad you invested in your home. The payoff will happen at its closing.