Improving Home Safety

Your home is your largest quantifiable investment. This means it should be something you choose to take good care of. It should be well maintained and safe-guarded to ensure your family and your belonging will be unharmed in the event of an unfortunate circumstance or potential crime.

So what are the steps you will take? Will you do some research to locate the best scope for Ar-15’s so you can protect your family from intruders? Or will you get a smaller gun? Or maybe you will retain your current gun owner status while taking additional measures to ensure your home’s safety.

Improving Home Safety

Steps to Improving Your Home Safety

Sometimes we can’t prevent home invasions, no matter how many guns we have, and how sensitive our alarms systems may be. That’s ok because we can take additional precautions to ensure our homes and valuables are safe. Consider these steps to improving safety in your home:

  • Kids’ Drawers- Most burglars know to look through your personal dressers to seek out your valuables. However, they might be less inclined to tear through your daughter’s sock drawer. Experts recommend storing valuables in the kids’ rooms to protect them in case of a burglary.
  • Mail- If your door has a mail slot in it, you have reduced the door’s integrity. That hole makes the door significantly weaker and much easier to kick in. Reconsider this stylish option by choosing a mailbox instead. There are a number of interesting mailbox options here.
  • Car Keys- Keep them by your bed while you sleep. That way, if you hear something suspicious in the middle of the night you can hit the panic button. That blaring horn will wake up the whole neighborhood and scare the pants off the would-be-intruder.
  • Thorns- No one likes to get pricked by thorns. So, if you plant thorny hedges around your windows you will make it significantly less inviting to someone who might want to take that way into your home. Besides, if you plant rosebushes you get the added beauty and security in one.
  • Wood- Keep those stacks of wood away from the house. You don’t want to give the crooks a boost up to your window. And you don’t want to hand them a weapon either.
  • Locks- Always double check the window locks. If you have let someone in to use the bathroom during other maintenance events, you may have unwittingly invited him/her to unlatch your window for later entry. Always double and triple check locks. Look at these window lock options.
  • Decal- Home security systems can be quite expensive. And, maybe you really can’t afford that additional cost in monitoring your home. If that is the case, then we recommend at least purchasing a sticker that will convince would-be-burglars to stay away. If they think you have an alarm system they may reconsider entering your home.
  • Crime Watch- Join your neighborhood Crime Watch team. That way people will readily keep an eye on your home because they know you are devoted to keeping an eye on their belongings too.
  • Packing- If you are going out of town, don’t pack until the very morning you leave. That way your full car won’t be an indicator to bad guys that you are going away for a while.

If you need additional home safety ideas read this.