Improve the Look of Your Home with a Floor Lamp

Lamps are a very integral part of interior décor that cannot be ignored. If you want to give your home without necessarily spending a lot then lamp might be the route to take. According to psychologists, the lighting of a house can have an effect on one’s mood and can change their state of mind. That probably why interior designers use lighting to create a certain ambience of a room depending on what the room is used for. It can be for romance, relaxation, fun or sophistication. Lighting can not only improve how one feels but can also decorate the place and give it a different feel.

Lamps should not only make a statement, but they should be functional and affordable too. That is why you have to be keen on your lighting and know what you are looking for to end up with the right lamp. This will however be influenced by ones tastes and preferences. Some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a floor lamp include:

Improve the Look of Your Home with a Floor Lamp

The height of your living room

This is a major determinant in choosing a floor lamp. Your appropriate lamp should be long or short depending on the height of your living room to make sure that your space has sufficient light. You can use a tape measure to determine the height of the room and use the measurements as a guideline in choosing a floor lamp.

The kind of light you need

Floor lamps may serve different purposes, they can be used for reading, browsing, and watching TV among many other things. Different activities will require different intensities of light and that is why you should choose a lamp depending on your activities. For example if the floor lamp will be used for studying, then a 60 inch high floor lamp with a semi translucent shade will serve the purpose well.

Your interior décor

Your floor lamp of choice should match well with your interior décor. Good thing is most floor lamps come in a variety of styles, colors, materials among many other things. If you choose to go for something totally different it should still be in line with the theme of the room and complement the walls, furniture, and décor of the room. Some lamps will blend with any décor such as the wooden floor lamp.

Energy efficiency

Even though most floor lamps are energy star rated, that does not mean they are all energy efficient. A good lamp should have multiple brightness settings so that you can have control on the amount of energy that you use for different activities.


Normally floor lamps will come in different prices and what determine its cost are its features. The more the luxurious the lamp, the more it would cost with some costing even up to more than $1000. If you are choosing a lamp for moderate tasks then cheaper lamps will as well serve the function well.