How to Pressure Wash Your Home’s Exterior

As a homeowner, you know that it’s not just the inside of a house that gets dirty. Home exteriors are, in fact, the ones that accumulate more dirt and grime. Well, if a little dirt winds up on your exterior siding or floor, simply scrubbing the surfaces can remove the dirt. But if heavy stain and grime really settle in, the only remedy to better clean your exterior is to pressure wash it.

Pressure washing, or also known as power washing, involves the use of a pressure washer. A pressure washer comes with a high-pressure pump spray to clean dust, mildew, old paint, chalk, and other kinds of dirt from the exterior of a house. It’s a powerful tool that can be used if you want to clean your home exterior, get it ready for repainting, and make your home look like new again.

Pressure washers are not that difficult to operate; but keep in mind that you can’t just get one, wave it over your house, and expect it to be clean. Just like any other home equipment, a pressure washer is not a magic wand that can perform miracles in just one wave. If you truly want to clean your home’s exterior and other surfaces, you have to use your pressure washer the right way. And here’s how:

Select the right type of pressure washer. Remember that there are different types of pressure washers in the market, with varying amounts of power. When buying one, you should consider the type of project you’ll be doing. If you are only planning to clean a small surface with little dirt, an electric pressure washer can be a fine option. But if you’re doing heavy-duty cleaning jobs, then a gas or a more powerful pressure washer is best suited. It’s best to check out the PSI range of the model you’re planning to buy. Usually, the more PSI, the more cleaning power it generates. In addition, read some customers reviews in order to find out if the model you’re buying is well worth it. Even though you’re buying popular brands, such as Yamaha, it’s still important to read yamaha pressure washer reviews to ensure that this product is right for you.

Use the power washer correctly. Each type of pressure washer is available for different application. And while each of them has its own specific procedure to follow, these general tips can be a great help when using your own pressure washer:

  • Hold the spray nozzle at least 4 to 5 feet from the surface you’re cleaning. It’s important to keep the distance steady throughout the job for consistent and even cleaning.
  • Keep moving the nozzle, and spray evenly for better cleaning.
  • If the surface is heavily stained, use detergent or cleaning solutions to effectively remove the dirt. (Use cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer.)
  • Don’t point the nozzle at people, including you.
  • Avoid blasting your house’s sources of electricity, such as exterior lights, exterior outlets, and meter boxes.