How To Make Your Home Garden Dog-Friendly

Gardening is one of the most popular aspects of any home renovation process. Meanwhile, most houses across the world are home to the world’s favorite pets -dogs. Therefore, it is obvious that these home residents have to worry about designing their gardens for their dogs’ comforts. This can be a bit difficult for gardening beginners, but these worries can be avoided with just a little bit of organization and proper planning. Designing a dog-friendly garden will allow you and your dogs to enjoy some family fun in your beautiful garden. Some ways to make your garden dog-friendly are:

How To Make Your Home Garden Dog-Friendly

How To Make Your Home Garden Dog-Friendly

Use big plants

Dogs are fun loving and easily excitable, so chances are they are going to play around and ruin your garden plants. If you use any new plants in your garden, you should for larger plants as a better choice. Chances are that these large plants won’t be targeted by your dogs like smaller ones would be. If you do not want to get large plants, you can still put a barrier like tomato cages around your existing plants to allow them to grow bigger.

Design dog-friendly paths

Dogs, like people, are playful and love to walk along paths. You can make paths in your garden that your dog can enjoy which prevent him from walking through your flowerbeds. Use solid pavers instead of gravel or other soft material. For a dog, loose paving is an opportunity to dig. If your dogs are still rampaging through your garden beds even after making these paths, check your beds to see if there are a makeshift or gaps within your plant beds. Deal with these gaps by filling them in with new plants or barriers.

Get your dog some shade

In the summers, dogs will want to relax in cool places in the garden. If you give them a well-designed shades area in your garden, your dogs can lie down in the designated place instead of sleeping somewhere they can cause damage.

Put in some dog-friendly fake grass

Your dog deserves a fun home just as you deserve a great garden, and you can have both ideals by using dog-friendly fake grass that looks great in your home.

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