How to Create a Senior Safe Bathroom

With all the retirement home horror stories that frequently make their way to newspaper headlines it is no wonder that your parents might be too afraid to go to a retirement home when they can no longer take care of themselves.  Self-care is the best care you can give your parents and it is surprisingly a lot more affordable even when you employ a care taker to help out when you are not at home.  One of the most difficult aspects for seniors is using the bathroom.  Going to the bathroom yourself, taking a shower or a bath is incredibly hard for seniors that no longer have the strength to pull themselves out of a tub, especially since bathrooms can be so incredibly slippery.  Here are a few improvement tips for your home that will help your mother or father use the bathroom as safely as possible.

Tips for a senior safe shower

Walk in showers are the best for elderly persons because they greatly reduce the chances of stumbling and falling.  You can check out this link to view the 5 best walk in shower options for elderly persons currently on the market so your parent or grandparent can enjoy a refreshing shower that will be perfectly safe.  Adding a few railings and stools to your walk in shower can also help seniors a lot when it comes to washing because they can sit down comfortably as they wash and hold on firmly while they move inside the wet shower.

How to Create a Senior Safe Bathroom

Tips for a senior safe bathtub

Bathtubs can be life threatening to a senior that doesn’t have the strength to get out of the tub.  Add grab bars to the side and front of your bathtub wall so your parents can pull themselves up without slipping and falling back into the tub.   The soap holder and taps should also be found on the side of the tub where they are easy to reach and where they won’t contribute to injury in case the senior falls.

Modify your bathroom sink

A high sink makes it a lot easier to hold on and wash because less bending is involved which puts a lot less stress on the back.  The bathroom cupboard should also be easy to open with a strong grip handle that can be used to restore balance, should the elderly person slip.

Consider your flooring

There is nothing more dangerous to a senior than a slippery floor.  Choose grooved tiles when you redecorate your bathroom and lay down some slip proof mats that can soak up all water that land on the floor.

Toilet safety alterations

An external raised toilet seat and wall mounted grab bar will make it a lot easier for seniors to use the toilet by themselves.  This is especially important for seniors that had a recent hip or knee replacement or for those that had surgery done.  The toilet roll dispenser should also be within arm’s reach and it could be good to add some wet wipes close by.