Home Renovations that Will Make You Money on the Resale

Renovating your home is a challenging thing to undergo. And, believe it or not, some of the areas that you think will offer you the best return on your investment, when it comes to resale, won’t. So, if you have been thinking that remodeling the kitchen and bathroom need to be top priority, prior to putting your house on the market, think again.

Instead, these are the home renovations that will make you money on the resale:

Home Renovations that Will Make You Money on the Resale


The roof of your home is probably one of the most significant aspects of its ability to remain in good standing. Therefore, consider contacting kennedyroofs.com. They will give you a free quote for repairs and replacements of your residential roof. And, putting a new roof on your house, though a seemingly expensive investment can bring in a 105% gain. It’s actually the only renovation project you can perform that will bring in more than you put out.


This is an area of remodeling that doesn’t usually come to the forefront of thought. However, good insulation means lowered electric bills and people are all about being able to save money on heating and cooling. Upgrading the insulation in your home will add value to it and will give the real estate agent something else to highlight about your home. Besides, it should garner a 95% return on what you put into it. Learn more.

Wood Floors

People hate to vacuum just as much as you do. We are all very fond of the Swiffer and that means having floors that can handle minimal clean up. Installing new wood floors, or even wood-like floors, is a substantial investment that will only bring back 91% of what you shell out. However, the research shows that houses with wood floors sell better. You are probably looking to buy one with wood floors, or the like, too. Before you choose a flooring option, though, do some research here?

Garage Door

Curb appeal is a big deal. So, if your garage door has seen better days, it might be time to replace, repair, or repaint. Of course, putting a new garage door in will cost a couple thousand. But, that is something that will add value because the potential buyers will be less concerned about the age of the mechanisms that pull the door up. If you have never been trapped in a garage due to mechanical failure, then you might not appreciate that peace of mind. However, your potential buyers will. So, take the hit and improve the way your home looks.


Vinyl siding is expensive. We are talking upwards of $10,000 and you will probably only get 83% of that back. However, it could mean the difference between what you are asking and having to accept a lower bid. People can immediately recognize the fact that siding has been replaced on a home. That makes it far more desirable from an aesthetic standpoint. However, if your siding isn’t in serious disrepair, this might be one of those remodel suggestions that you let fall by the wayside. Read this.

The five remodeling suggestions we provided here are pretty costly. However, the majority of them will get you back a large portion, if not all, of what you invest. That makes them worthwhile. And, if that new garage door is the deciding factor between your home and another for the potential buyer, you might be very glad you took the time to make that new install. These are the renovations that will make you money on the resale.