Home Designs that Celebrate Natural Materials

Most people enjoy the use of natural materials in their home design. Hardwood floors frequently reign as one of the most popular choices, and granite and marble countertops combine function and form. But some people look to take the use of these materials even further, and a selection of home designs manage the task with impeccable grace.

When it comes to natural materials, certain architectural home styles make the most of their beauty. Solid wood surfaces, stone features, and other organic aspects are displayed in their entire splendor in homes designed to suit a variety of landscapes. If you have an affinity for these natural wonders, here are some home styles that are sure to suit your tastes.

Home Designs that Celebrate Natural Materials

Log Homes

A quintessential example of natural materials in use for homes began as simple log cabins. Now, log homes are available in sizes ranging from quaint to astonishing. Wood materials take a starring role in the design of log homes. However, the ideal wood to use varies depending on the region in which the structure is located. Temperature and precipitation are more damaging to some species than others, so builders must select options that will withstand the demands of the local climate.

Designs bearing similarities to log homes include timber home constructions. While wood is still featured very prominently, other materials are also included in most wall construction. This brings the natural feel of a wood cabin while providing options for a modernized aesthetic.


A product of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Craftsman homes strongly feature wood, brick, and stone in their design. In fact, the materials were often emphasized in more natural states with less adornment than what is associated with previous styles like Victorian. Large stone or brick fireplaces and exposed wooden beams are common features, as well as heavy front porches and low-pitched roofs.

Many who choose Craftsman style homes also appreciate furniture designed in similar styles. Pieces created by famed designers such as Gustav Stickley and the Greene and Greene Company are still sought after.

Pueblo Revival

While not often considered when people think of natural materials and home design, Pueblo Revival features adobe structures with large exposed wooden beams. Natural stone also plays a strong role, along with heavy wooden doors. Exteriors featured a rounded appearance based on the malleability of the materials used to create the majority of the structure.

This style of architecture is most commonly found in the Southwestern United States. The designs are influenced by Spanish missions, but the original concept is based on structures created by local Native American tribes that resided in the region.


When people imagine stone homes, they may see images of castles or cottages. While those may be traditional examples, stone-built homes can be created in almost any style. Some buildings feature stone facades wrapped around a traditionally constructed frame while others are built strictly with stone walls and floors.

In essence, stone construction may not be a style in and unto itself. However, its unique appearance and design requirements mean that those specializing in these projects often possess specific experience regarding how to work with what can be a fairly non-uniform material.

With all of the options in natural materials, it’s no wonder that many people find themselves still drawn to these styles even though some date back to the 19th century and earlier.