Help The Value of Your Home With a New Roof

new roof

It should never be a bad thing to want to improve the value of your home, whether it’s for borrowing money against it later or putting the house on the market. But for whatever reason you want to make improvements, it’s always best to have a good covering for your beautiful home – namely your roof. Check out our short list below and learn how you can increase the value of your roof with these tips.

Maintain It or You Can’t Improve Upon It

When it comes to upgrading your home – particularly those wanting to sell – what many fail to understand is that even though you make interior changes, none of it will matter if you have a leaky roof and poor gutter structures covering a beautiful interior. This isn’t just about a horrible appearance either, because having a leaky roof and broken gutters will permit water to flow into places it was never intended to reach. Attics, the interior walls and even your foundation are all reachable when it comes to leaky water and this can destroy the value of your home and the improvements you may have made as well.

If you can’t believe the seriousness of this then you should keep in mind that when you have a crumbling home foundation, if you want to repair it then this will run you in the tens of thousands of dollars that you surely had never intended to pay. That could result in costly legal troubles, which may force you to go and hire some type of lawyer with a team of paralegals who get paid more (see paralegal salaries here) than it would have cost you to actually take care of your problem in the first place.

So although you may not be improving the worth of your home by fixing gutters and repairing your roof, carrying out such measures are certainly going to help you maintain what home value you currently possess.


Get Yourself Some New Shingles

If you are feeling ambitious to get to work right away on your roof then the first thing you might consider is getting some new shingles. By doing so, both the look and the value of your home can easily be increased. As a matter of fact, if you replace your existing roofing with some durable fiberglass asphalt shingles then it can carry a median valued return of 57.8% on your investment.

You should try to think a little outside the box now and set your mind on “designer shingles” instead of the plain old basic asphalt ones. If you go with the newer designer shingles then you will obtain the necessary functions of the shingles plus and added visual flair to the top of your home. As an example, these designer shingles much resemble those seen on a Southern mansion, a country manor or even a Victorian home. You can’t deny that they will certainly make your home stand out a lot more on the block.

new roof


Upgrade Your Gutters

If you thought the above information was good news, here is some more for you. There are actually some types of gutters that can also improve home value while still channeling the water away to where it should go. You can also just make a simple paint alteration to your gutters to make them match the trim of your home and the exterior wall color. You may also consider getting yourself a system of gutter protection which is an attractive device for those that hate to clean out their gutters.check the link for more details.

If you have aluminum gutters and want to upgrade them, you can invest in a longer-lasting stainless steel system as an alternative. To improve the visual attraction of your gutters you can choose copper ones to enhance a more natural looking exterior to your home. If you aren’t into paying a premium, then there are aluminum gutters with a faux-copper finish that will give them a desired copper look.