Flat Roofing Systems – The New Home Improvement Trend

It is always a good thing to stay ahead of roofing trends if you are looking for home improvement ideas.  Most homes have and always have had sloped roofs.  Gable roofs, hip roofs, butterfly roofs and A-frame roofs have always been the most popularly used roof across the globe.  Yet lately flat roofing systems have been gaining a lot of popularity.  A flat roof is a rooftop that is almost level with a slight slope of about 10 degrees.  These flat roof types were popularly used in ancient times and are once again making a major comeback.

Flat Roofing Systems – The New Home Improvement Trend

Why flat roofs are gaining popularity?

There are quite a few factors that contribute to the rise in popularity of these roofs like the following;

That modern futuristic look – Modern home styles are quite square.  These square designs with large windows and a flatter and plainer structure give a futuristic vibe that many home owners absolutely love.

Great for skylights – Flatter roof designs are much more suitable for skylights and of course skylights are superb for creating a lighter and more spacious looking home and for reducing your electricity bill.

Maximize space – Another big reason for this roof trend to soar is because it enables home owners to maximize the space they are given since they can use the flatter roofing surface for other benefits.

Improved home functionality – Home owners love to utilize their rooftops to create gardening areas or even leisure areas with a great view.

There are different types of flat roofs

If you are considering a flat roof for your home then you should probably know that there are different types of flat roofs like the following;

Build-up roofs – These are constructed with several layers of asphalt and aggregate.

Modified bitumen roof systems – These are better for commercial buildings because roofs can be waterproofed and it can withstand natural elements.

Rubber membrane roof – These are great for extremely hot summers thanks to the rubber membrane that protects building materials.

Get your flat roof in Bakersfield

Are you considering a flat roof yet?  Well the good news is that your roof can be constructed much quicker and more affordable than you might think.  Roofing Bakersfield is a company that specializes in all roofing designs and types as well as other construction projects.  You can get them to construct any type of flat roof on your home and gain a lot of home efficiency or simply modify your home for a modern and futuristic look.

There are some downsides to flat roofs

All roof types do have some ups and downs that you must consider before you make your final home improvement decision.  For flat roofs the cons are the fact that these roofs can be quite expensive.  The construction of your home might also affect your ability to invest in these roofs and these roofs can be tough to keep clean considering the fact that leaves and other debris won’t just roll off along with the falling rain.