Domestic work in Los Angeles

The domestic workers are a crucial part of the economy of Los Angeles. Domestic workers are the ones that enable those who live in Los Angeles to work and have holiday time. The domestic workers are mainly entrusted with the children, elderly, and home cleaning. They also allow their employers to meet the demanding hours needed for the suave functioning and output of their professional sectors.

The wages of the domestic workers are not that convenient with comparison to the high cost of living that is faced by the residents of Los Angeles. In essence the Domestic workers have a shortage of most of the rudimentary labor and health protections required and often face manipulative work conditions with many having to endure verbal or physical abuse.

domestic helper

Today the domestic work industry is on the increase due to the changes that are being experienced in the local and global economies. The mid and upper class women have turned out to be a significant part of the skilled workforce. They are getting employed to various career jobs. Nevertheless they also have the responsibility of maintaining their households. That is the reason many look for domestic workers in order to avoid the having to work both in their career jobs and at the same times have to do the household work.

The domestic work industry is largest in the cities where almost all the women have career jobs. There is a variety of Domestic Staffing Agency in Los Angeles that are responsible for finding training and referring domestic workers. However most domestic workers get employment through the social networks rather than through the domestic staffing Agencies. Also a good number of the domestic workers find job after being referred to by friends or close people.

The agencies set rates for their domestic workers. The employer of the domestic worker must be ready to meet the set rates for him or her to be allowed to employ the domestic worker. Therefore the domestic worker is assured of the conditions that he or she is to meet during work since most of the working conditions are preset.

In Los Angeles, domestic workers who don’t live in their employer’s home are entitled to overtime at a rate of one and a half times their fixed rate after forty hours of work in a week. On the other hand the workers who reside with their employers are only entitled to overtime at a rate of one and a half times the minimum wage and only after forty four hours of work in a week.

Also it is paramount that the domestic workers are entitled to the following:

  1. A convenient wage and are paid for overtime.
  2. Time off for family care and medical care. Furthermore, they are given at least one day of rest in each week and be given paid personal days, sick days, vacation and holidays.
  3. Notice in advance of their termination and paid severance in accordance with number of years worked.
  4. Protection from domestic work trafficking.

If you are referred to by a domestic Staffing agency, the employer should provide the following in accordance with the development Department State of California enforces wage and hour laws that affect domestic workers.

  1. The rate of pay you both have agreed on.
  2. Your overtime rate of pay.
  3. The regular payday.