Deciding Between A Single or A Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw for Your Home Improvement Projects

While there is no clear distinct between both compound miter saws, they are other equally important and one may give more convenience more than other other depending on what you are planning to use the miter saw for. You should first know why you are buying the miter saw for which in most cases is for doing bevel cuts and miter cuts. To know which will be the right choice for you between the single and the dual bevel compound saw, it is good to know how each operates and what differentiates them.

compound miter saws

Single bevel compound miter saw

If your home improvement projects involves projects such as crown molding or picture frames, them a single bevel miter saw would be the best bet. It is best suitable for making angle cuts in two planes since it is specially made with a pivoting function that makes it possible to do the angled cuts. It is called a single bevel since it can only make a bevel cut in one direction. If you want to achieve a compound miter cut, it is a bit complicated since you will have to manipulate the saw on both axes.

A single bevel compound  miter saw is best suitable for situations where you need to do miter and bevel cuts but in one direction. If you want to do a dual cut with the device you will have to be extra careful.

Dual bevel compound miter saws

The dual bevel compound miter saw serves the same function only that it cuts both sides of your work piece at the same time and hence you don’t have to turn the work piece for the bevel to work on the other side. With a dual bevel, it is easy to make multiple cuts that match especially in a situation that you are doing repeat cuts. It will get the job done in a shorter time and with a lot of convenience.

Both the single and the dual bevel compound miter saws get the job done but each has its pros and cons. As for the single bevel it is slower especially for the case that you have to do several cuts but it is more accurate. The dual is much faster and convenient to use but not very accurate so the quality of the work will be low. As for the cost, single bevels are cheaper as compared to dual bevels.

The kind of bevel you choose doesn’t really matter, it all boils down to your priority as an individual whether you give convenience or accuracy as a priority. It also depends on the kind of work you will have and the quantity of work you have as well. It will also depend on your budget as your budget may influence the bevel that you will get. Most people have the single bevel and have been able to be successful in doing their projects so it all depends on you.