Consider adding a second storey for your home

A home can get pretty cramped really quickly, especially in our modern and buzzy times where there is so much to do and so little time.  Today a home is much more than just a place to sleep.  Today’s homes are so much more than they used to be because it is such a popular trend to have a room for each different purpose.  A theatre room is great for relaxing and gaming.  A home office enables moms to work from home and gives children a great dedicated area for studies.  Play rooms are great for stashing all of your children’s toys so they can have fun without making a mess of the house.  A home gym is a must for any family that loves to stay healthy and a spa room can help mothers and daughters stay beautiful much more affordably.  The list of ideas just goes on and on and if you want to achieve ultimate home functionality then you can quickly find yourself in a pickle when you simply don’t have enough space.  Luckily construction workers are becoming cleverer and cleverer and they can transform any ordinary home into a second storey home surprisingly affordably.

Consider adding a second storey for your home

The sky is the limit when you go upwards

The best reason to get second storey additions in Perth instead of sideways is because you can expand so much more when you expand vertically.  When you expand your home upwards you have much more choice in terms of the number of rooms and you can add as many storeys as you like.

You get much more room

Obviously expanding upwards gives you much more room.  Rooms can be used for anything you like. You can create an extra apartment above yours that you can rent out, you can use the additional rooms for an expanding family, for gym rooms or offices and much more.

Great for improving your view

A double storey home is terrific because you get a much better home view which is great if you are living in a scenic area such as on the side of a mountain range, close to the beach or in the wilderness.

Increase your property value a lot

By adding a storey to your home you can increase your property value a lot and you will make your home much more appealing since double storey homes has a much better overall appearance.

Much better for the environment

With all the expanding cities there is already very little free space for natural animal life.  Expanding upwards is much better for the environment than expanding sideways because your home will be taking up much less pace, leaving more for the animal kingdom.  Japan, a country that is constantly suffering from pollution have already realized the benefits of vertical expansions and are even planning to create many vertical gardens in order to create more oxygen and to purify the air more.  This will greatly save the environment and gives people a place to stay at the same time since they can use the same vertical garden as a home.