Choosing The Best Dehumidifier for Your Home

A dehumidifier is of great importance to every home especially homes that have air conditioning. If you live in a high humidity area or you have rooms where air conditioning will not reach, then a dehumidifier will be necessary. A dehumidifier is essential as it helps in maintaining the relative humidity of a home. Well high humidity is related to many conditions such as allergies. Since there are many dehumidifiers in the market, it might be a challenge to choose one. Some of the factors that you should consider when looking for a dehumidifier include:

Choosing The Best Dehumidifier for Your Home

Choosing The Best Dehumidifier for Your Home

The area in square feet that you plan to dehumidify

Dehumidifiers are classified according to pint removal capacity they have in every 24 hours. They are made in different sizes and that determines its capacity and effectiveness when it comes to removing excess moisture. Dehumidifiers with a large capacity most of the time is more bulky as compared to those with a small capacity. The capacity of a dehumidifier depends on the number of square feet of a space.

Dehumidifier water removal

The method of removing excess water coming from the dehumidifier is an important consideration as dehumidifiers have been made differently. There are some dehumidifiers that are manual and you will need to empty the internal bucket from time to time. This will also depend on the area that you are dehumidifying. If it is a very wet or damp environment, you will need one with an automatic water collection system or one with a large internal bucket. Most dehumidifiers have been made with a direct drain feature to automatically drain water though that will need a floor level water drain.

Features of the dehumidifier

Even though the features of a dehumidifier are more or less the same, there are some dehumidifiers that have more features than others. Some of the features that a dehumidifier may have may include: internal pump, direct drain, filter indicator, auto-humidistat, temperature setting, auto defrost and auto reset. The more the features the dehumidifier has, the more convenience it will bring on the table.

The energy performance of the unit

Energy performance dictates the amount of energy that will be used by the dehumidifier. The energy performance of a dehumidifier is rated by the amount of moisture that has been removed from the air every hour versus the energy used to do that. To ensure that you have a unit with high efficiency, look for a unit that is energy star qualified.

With those factors in mind, it is very much easy to get the right dehumidifier. When shopping for a unit, you should also check reviews to get a glimpse of what to expect with the unit. There are some brands that are well known for quality production more than others such as those on Dehumidifier web. It’s also important to check on the warranty of the unit, the longer the duration of the warranty the better. Doing your due diligence will help you avoid mistakes.