Childproof Your House!

Raising children is an uneasy task. A couple is holding the responsibility to raise a human being and set him out in the world to bring about a positive change. Start at a very early age, as it is imperative to teach them right and wrong from the beginning. When they are babies, they require being taken care of with a close eye. Infants and toddlers are highly curious, and they play with anything that they find amusing. Around the house gates, windows, drawers and other objects may prove to be very dangerous.

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Childproof Your House!

Here are a few areas of your house that need to be childproofed while raising a child. Moreover, you will find ways to remove as much danger as possible from your home without having to change several things:

  1. Kitchen:

One of the most dangerous spots in your house is the kitchen. The kitchen is where you can find knives, breakables, fire, and a lot more things that can harm your child if they get their hands on it. The first and foremost thing to do is to install safety latches in all your cabinets and drawers. Replace your stuff by putting harmful material in these cabinets as much as possible. Keep the handles of the pots and pans away from a reachable source to keep it away from reach. Keep a fire extinguisher ready always and ensure that your stove is always off along with the gas.

  1. Bathroom:

Another unsafe place is the bathroom. If you store your medicines in the bathroom, keep them in the original case which is usually childproof or finds a case that is childproof. Anti-scalding devices can be installed to prevent burns. Moreover, it is vital to set the water heater to about 120 degrees only since a child can get burned quickly. Keep hair dryers and all electronic items locked in cabinets with safety latches. Furthermore, install toilet locks to keep your child from falling in and drowning in water. Ensure that all plugs are protected with socket locks and are completely out of reach for your kids.

  1. All over the house:

Besides the bathroom and the kitchen, there are various spots in your house that require being childproofed. First off, ensure that all drawers, cabinets, and safety boxes are locked and cannot be opened easily. Use safety gates at the end and beginning of the stairs and keep it closed all the time to make certain that your toddler does not run towards the stairs.

Furthermore, you can use doorknob covers that will allow children to keep away from opening and closing doors of the house. However, make sure these locks are not complicated enough to slow you down in an emergency. Use corner and edge bumpers around the house to prevent injury.

Always place furniture or other places that are easy to climb away from windows or dangerous high places to keep the young one away from danger. Keep your furniture from tipping easily by using brackets and anchors designed primarily for the purpose and make sure to store the heavier items on the bottom. The most significant thing to do is always keep an eye on your child and do not presume that they are doing something. Remember the quieter the child, the more panicking it can be.