Best Capture Cards 2016 for PC, Playstation & Xbox

As the gaming world becomes more and more mainstream, a broader audience intuitively becomes accessible. Mobility has also become a lot easier, so you could now easily carry your laptop with you to any place you like and with only the help of internet, you could now easily play your games on PC no matter where you may be in the world. So the next time you’re on vacation, and suppose you’re staying at a cozy bed and breakfast somewhere around Canada, you will still be able to keep the stream of your online gaming going on. The only thing you will need is a good internet connection.  In line with this, game capture cards aid you in staging and setting your game footage in an appealing way to attract further audiences. Capture cards typically come in packages along with game capture software. Different users may opt to purchase game capture cards separately, according to what works best for their device.

Best Capture Cards 2016 for PC, Playstation & Xbox

Some of the benefits associated with game capture cards for the PC, Xbox One or PS4 include:

  • Use custom overlaps, trademark your stream to mark yourself distinctively from online streamers
  • Stream online in high quality while holding viewers halt free
  • Build a video clip archive on external storage easily
  • Enhanced game functioning while recording
  • Flexible file formatting
  • Easy uploading to online social media platforms
  • Ability to personalize game footage
  • Ability to customize stream experience for your audience
  • Facilitate for you to have greater liberty and control over streamed and recorded footage in general

For those of you using Xbox One or PS4 consoles, usually these two consoles come with built in recording features. They don’t come without great limitations; however YouTubers and big console streamers often choose to use game capture devices rather than the built-in software as they need a greater range of options and freedom than what Microsoft and Sony are proposing.

Two segments of streaming that necessitate a good range of computer resources are encoding and capturing. Game capture cards are handy devices to help users get these tasks done proficiently.

Here is a list of Stream PS4 gameplay with a capture card that may work for you, keep in mind that quality is affected by the type of connection you use; whether you are using a standard definition connection or a high definition connection:

  • Roxio Game Capture HD Pro
  • AGPtek HD Game Capture Recorder
  • Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme
  • Elgato Game Capture HD
  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme GC550
  • StarTech HD Video Recorder
  • Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
  • Razer Ripsaw Capture Card
  • AVerMedia Game Recorder C985 Live Gamer HD
  • AVerMedia GL310 AVerCapture HD
  • Hauppauge HD 1540 PVR Rocket
  • Elgato Game Capture HD60 PRO
  • AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD

Game capture devices are the best option for console gamers. Even with the latest consoles, there are usually limits to how much game footage you can actually capture and thereafter what you can do with this captured footage. Capture cards might ask for complex setups primarily, but eventually will open avenues to attaining greater control of your recordings. Something that you will now be able to do sitting in a bed and breakfast with a fast internet.

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