Become an SMS Marketer and Work from Home for an Improved Lifestyle

Imagine having a work from home job.  You are always there to take care of your children when they are ill.  You can choose your own working hours at times that suit your lifestyle.  You can have dinner ready by the time your spouse comes home from work and you can still earn a good salary despite all these terrific benefits.  A work for home life is the ultimate improvement to any family with children and especially those with young children.  There is lots of interesting work from home jobs to choose from but if you want a job that is easy and great fun then you should consider SMS marketing.

Spread the Love by Starting Your Own Love Quote Subscription Company

What SMS marketers do

SMS marketing is quite simple.  You basically promote companies and help companies run smoothly by sending bulk SMS on their behalf.  You can use your bulk messaging system to get any message delivered to any of the company’s client databases or to a large database of numbers that you have created for yourself.  You can market for major companies like retailers, restaurants, fast-food outlets and much more.

Get started with a company name

You need a good and fitting company name if you are going to start a professional SMS marketing company.  Your company name should be short and sweet and anyone should be able to easily tell what your company is about from the name.

Create your online presence

A website is a great way to supply prospective customers with your contact details as well as other information like services and fees.  You can also create a blog and you definitely need a few social media pages where you can advertise your services to businesses.

Get a Bulk SMS service provider

This site is the perfect solution for an SMS marketer.  TextPlode is a bulk SMS message company that you can use to get your messages sent to any number of contact numbers.  You can use TextPlode for your marketing company and send thousands of messages through to hundreds and thousands of clients all at an incredibly affordable rate.

Decide on your services and fees

Once you have determined the cost of your services, you can start calculating good sales price.  Your price should be affordable enough for companies to trust you, but should still allow you to earn a good income from your services.  You should also determine all of your services.  Are you going to send only text messages?  Are you going to send pictured advertisements as well?  The choice is up to you.

Promote your marketing services

Your company can only be a success if people know about your products and services. For an SMS marketer promotion is quite a challenge because the clients you are looking for are all from large companies that are incredibly hard to reach.  You should promote as widely as possible and try to gain as many followers as possible in order to capture the attention of large firms like large corporate companies.