Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathrooms are both the most disgusting and useful spots in the whole of your home. As long as all the plumbing works we are generally “ok” with its presence. However, as we move from our kitchen remodel ideas, we find ourselves drawn to the concept of giving our bathrooms a makeover. So, we want to take a look at today’s bathroom renovation trends.

No one really wants to talk about what goes on in the bathroom. After all, it’s a private place reserved for some ghastly behaviors. But, when you get a cramping feeling in your stomach your first instinct is to find the bathroom. If the problem is frequent or consistent you have probably started doing a little research. But, you have also spent enough time in the bathroom to determine just what changes you would like to see happen. So whether you are suffering from ulcers, infection, or irritation, it’s still time to redesign the commode’s permanent location.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Designs to Eliminate the Pain in the Gut

Actually, your gut troubles can’t be rectified by redesigning your bathroom. However, you might be able to transfer the focus of the pain from your gut to your wallet with some of these incredible ideas:

  • Mediterranean- Hand painted terra cotta meets with metallic hues creating a bathroom that reminds you of Spain or Morocco. Mosaics can contribute to that ambiance as well. Look at some of these
  • Storage- Using the space in a practical manner includes designing smart storage. Built in cabinets that utilize vertical space are advisable. But, if that’s not an option, look for an antique or unique piece to serve the storage needs.
  • Classic White– Old school white is a like a pair of jeans, it never goes out of style. Think subway tile. Then realize it can be paired with just about any other design you desire. Dark color grout adds to that old-school underground feel.
  • Usability- The concept enables people to age in the homes they love. Showers without curbs, side mount faucets, and comfort height toilets are gaining popularity. Besides, those curbless showers make the bathroom easier to clean, and it looks bigger. Floating vanities have joined this trend too.
  • Tile in 3 Dimensions- 70s funk meets upper echelon style desires. Monochromatic colors add to the feel of these wall covers. Fun patterns can add an artistic flair. Symmetrical designs, waves, and intertwining circles are all the rage.
  • Music and Media– Electronics in the bathroom isn’t new. Bluetooth devices allow us to take our music and media wherever we desire. Kohler has cashed in on that propensity with its showerhead and speaker combo. Some people are even opting to add flat screens in strategic places to keep abreast of the day’s news as they prepare to head into the urban jungle.
  • Keeping Warm– Imagine installing in floor and wall warmers. Warm toes and towels are certainly desirable in the winter months. The towel warmers will run you about $100, considerably less than the radiant floor heaters. Learn more.
  • Luxury Showers- Tubs have lost their allure. Spa-like shower heads and sprays are certainly in vogue. Multiple shower heads amidst fully enclosed steam showers are becoming quite conventional in the master bathroom. People are even adding an in-shower bench.

There are a number of other trends you might find intriguing or inspiring. You can continue reading by clicking this.