Airport Scorecard on Airport Management

A person will not be able to have an idea how airports must be like if he or she does not travel a lot. The reality is, there are many passengers or travelers that have not experienced top notch customer service that they should get. This is not just in relation to incompetent staff members of the airport but also taking into consideration the process of the airport itself. Knowing this, the airport management team must have the objective method to assess if the airport services is in line with its given standards. This implies that someone there need to develop a sort of an airport scorecard that can enable the management to appropriately measure which method is effective and which is not.

scorecard in airport maintenance

In every airport, the customers are regarded as the bloodline. Thus, it truly matters that the processes of developments and benchmarking must be done incessantly so as to keep up with the changing times. When you will look at it on the whole, it is noticeable that a lot of things that currently exist can be measured and improved. With the use of statistical analysis study, the major points of an airport can show its management. With such kind of study, a scorecard can be produced that can later on help with the facilities’ improvement.

By way of the financial perspective, the income generating activities can be measured by airport management as well as all the charged fees. One of the charges would be the landing fee of aircraft. This fee is charged by the airports to the aircraft that lands to the airport. However, it is not certain if all aircrafts are being charged for emergency landings. It is likely that not all are charged with such fee.

The other aspect that can be assessed to the airport management associated with finances is linked to overall operational budget or expenses. Just like in any other business, there can always be operational costs since the company needs to shell out budget to pay for the workers, repairs, utilities, electricity and other sorts. There may be a need for the management to go over the unnecessary expenses so as to spend less and save more and for better airport management.

Another thing is the airport security. This is one of the most essential aspects that require efficient management. Aside from the manual security checking, there must be electronic devices for each of the entrance point. This should be performed for all passengers and employees as well. This can help to minimize and terror attack or hi-jacks. Moreover, the use of x-rays and scanners should also be available in every airport. By ensuring that high technology is equipped with every entrance and exit points, criminals will certainly have a hard time to cross the border. Read more at—How-Can-it-Benefit-Your-Business?&id=3213208

Aside from the above mentioned, other metrics include cleanliness, ground noise level, comfort of the passenger, waiting areas, wifi zone, emergency preparation, charging station and many others. When all of the important aspects are fulfilled, then passengers will be happy to step into the airport and can go back again and again in the future.