Advantages of Buying A Pre-owned Home

You do know that if you are going to purchase a brand new home, it is going to cost a lot of money. You also have to pay attention to a lot of details and every decision that you are going to make because of everything that you are going to choose, the funds that you are going to pay for will also increase. An alternative to making your dream home is to purchase a pre-owned home instead.

Of course, there are some disadvantages that you will have to go over like the possible structural defects. Since you weren’t the one who designed the home in the first place, it may not have all the details that you want. You may also have some issues with customizing the home because you are overwhelmed with all the things you have to design all at once. The warranty of the home may not be accurate in telling you how long it will truly last but as long as you would try your best to maintain it, it will be fine.

Advantages of Buying A Pre-owned Home

You may want to purchase homes for sale Mission BC and you will not be dissatisfied with the homes that you will see there. There are perfect homes of different sizes that will fit you and the rest of your family. The active listings that you will see will be enough to pique your interest. It is likely that you would like to check different ones immediately.

Here are some advantages that you will get when you buy a pre-owned home:

  1. You are not doing more damage to the environment. Whenever a home is built, it is already expected that there will be some damages to the environment because of the materials that were used as well as the other components that are vital in constructing the house. When you buy a pre-owned home, you are going to live with what you have. You can make some renovations but the number of materials will not be as much as building a new home entirely.
  2. A second hand home obviously does not cost as much money as a new home. You can expect that there are no hidden charges anymore as compared to building a new one. Even if the home that you are going to purchase is made with great quality materials, you can still get it in a cheaper rate.
  3. You do not need to exert that much effort anymore. If you would like to make your home more environments friendly, this is something that you can do with ease. Even before you purchase, you can take a look at the neighbourhood, get to know some of the neighbours before you ultimately decide if you would like to live there or not. It can save not only your time in creating a house, it will also lessen the time you have to do some researching.

Through the advantages that you have learned about purchasing a pre-owned home, are you already excited to find the right one for you?

A Few Tips to Have an Eco Friendly Vacation

You have already done a lot of things inside your home that will allow you to make it more eco-friendly than the homes of other people. You are proud of how you have made it comfortable and good for the environment at the same time. Aside from your home though, there are still a lot of places that are polluted. Sadly, you cannot put a stop to these places yet. You can hope that someday, people will start making small differences with the things that they do.

A Few Tips to Have an Eco Friendly Vacation

When you go on vacation, it is important that you take into consideration the amount of carbon dioxide that is usually released into the air. The farther the distance that you are going to travel, the more carbon dioxide is released. Other things you have to consider when planning your vacation are the following:

  • Hotels You Are Going to Stay In – There are some hotels that specifically say that they are eco – friendly. This will give you the opportunity to stay at a hotel that does not add damage to the already suffering environment.
  • Place You Are Going to Visit – It is best that you plan your vacation to go on a place that can contribute to green living. For example, look for a place that can offer outdoor activities and events. Perhaps you want to go to the beach as they release new turtles to the sea. You can help make sure that they get to the sea safely.
  • Recycle – While vacationing, you have to plan the different items you are going to bring and be familiar with how you can dispose your trash properly.

Now that you know the different things to consider, here are a few more tips that will help you have a successful and eco – friendly vacation:

  1. Keep your vacation as simple as possible. You do not need to spend a lot of money just to have a happy vacation. It will depend on your advocacy and the people that you are with if the vacation are going to be a success or not.
  2. Choose transportation that can minimize your impact to the environment. This is applicable if there are different ways that you can reach a certain destination.
  3. Instead of purchasing new items you need for your vacation, use the items you already have. For example, it you have purchased the best ski mask before, there is no need for you to purchase a new one again. The ski mask can be effective in protecting you through different things that nature will hurl at you. You do not want to get frostbitten, right?
  4. Travel lightly. The more items that you bring with you, the greater the emissions are going to be. It will be a good idea to plan your outfits ahead of time.
  5. Traveling direct flights is a better option than getting those with lay overs.

With all of these tips in mind, you can have an amazing vacation that is not too stressful and will not impact the environment negatively.

Improving Your Home Photo Shoot

You have enjoyed your current home as long as you can. It is time to move on. So, now that you have completed all the home renovations and improvements, you are ready to put the home up for sale. Homes sell better if they can be presented in a good light through professional photography. You don’t have to be a professional photographer though. We have some suggestions on improving your home photo shoot.

You should visit 42nd Street Photo to get the newest and best camera in your price range. They offer great deals on cameras and other electronics. With over 50 years of experience in the photography business, they can be your go to for all your camera needs. And, they can probably provide you with some assistance in finding all the right equipment to make sure you take the best photos possible.

Improving Your Home Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Great Home Shots

All the work you did on that kitchen remodel, and that bathroom renovation, should be well represented by the photos you take of your home. You want the potential buyers to see the value in all the blood, sweat, and tears invested in their new abode. Therefore, following these five tips should aid you in taking the pictures to sell your house quickly. Here are 5 tips for great home shots:

  1. Turn off the flash– Your flash will never light the room appropriately anyway. When using the camera without a flash, you can create warm and inviting images. Make sure you balance the interior lights and the last parts of daylight to get the perfect outdoor picture. Use natural lighting inside to allow for a soft feel. Read more.
  2. Don’t use wide angle lenses– While this may seem counterintuitive, the truth is, these lenses make the images feel distorted. If you use a normal lens, and back up to get as much in the picture as possible, you will end up with a far better presentation of the room. All the items in the image will be in proportion, and that will make the viewer more comfortable than the distorted proportions afforded by a wide lens.
  3. Employ a tripod– A steadier camera allots for better composition. Digital cameras will allow you to take test shots and then readjust as needed. You will be able to move the camera to capture all that you desire, and then you can also move the things in the room to compose the perfect photo. Learn more about the value of a tripod.
  4. Use low shots- Setting your camera lower than eye level will help you achieve magazine-esque images. A good rule of thumb, is to set the tripod at no more than 40 inches off the ground. This angle will provide the professional images you need to aid in the selling of your home.
  5. Shoot straight– Ensure that the camera, while on your tripod, is not at an angle up or down. Tilted cameras distort vertical lines in the photos. And, that will eliminate the professional quality you are hoping for. Set your camera sensor parallel to the subject, and center the camera in the room. Symmetrical images offer balance and help the photos feel grounded.

If you are in need of additional tips to highlight your home renovations in your photos, click this. Take your time composing the shots and you will be glad you invested in your home. The payoff will happen at its closing.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathrooms are both the most disgusting and useful spots in the whole of your home. As long as all the plumbing works we are generally “ok” with its presence. However, as we move from our kitchen remodel ideas, we find ourselves drawn to the concept of giving our bathrooms a makeover. So, we want to take a look at today’s bathroom renovation trends.

No one really wants to talk about what goes on in the bathroom. After all, it’s a private place reserved for some ghastly behaviors. But, when you get a cramping feeling in your stomach your first instinct is to find the bathroom. If the problem is frequent or consistent you have probably started doing a little research. But, you have also spent enough time in the bathroom to determine just what changes you would like to see happen. So whether you are suffering from ulcers, infection, or irritation, it’s still time to redesign the commode’s permanent location.

Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom Designs to Eliminate the Pain in the Gut

Actually, your gut troubles can’t be rectified by redesigning your bathroom. However, you might be able to transfer the focus of the pain from your gut to your wallet with some of these incredible ideas:

  • Mediterranean- Hand painted terra cotta meets with metallic hues creating a bathroom that reminds you of Spain or Morocco. Mosaics can contribute to that ambiance as well. Look at some of these
  • Storage- Using the space in a practical manner includes designing smart storage. Built in cabinets that utilize vertical space are advisable. But, if that’s not an option, look for an antique or unique piece to serve the storage needs.
  • Classic White– Old school white is a like a pair of jeans, it never goes out of style. Think subway tile. Then realize it can be paired with just about any other design you desire. Dark color grout adds to that old-school underground feel.
  • Usability- The concept enables people to age in the homes they love. Showers without curbs, side mount faucets, and comfort height toilets are gaining popularity. Besides, those curbless showers make the bathroom easier to clean, and it looks bigger. Floating vanities have joined this trend too.
  • Tile in 3 Dimensions- 70s funk meets upper echelon style desires. Monochromatic colors add to the feel of these wall covers. Fun patterns can add an artistic flair. Symmetrical designs, waves, and intertwining circles are all the rage.
  • Music and Media– Electronics in the bathroom isn’t new. Bluetooth devices allow us to take our music and media wherever we desire. Kohler has cashed in on that propensity with its showerhead and speaker combo. Some people are even opting to add flat screens in strategic places to keep abreast of the day’s news as they prepare to head into the urban jungle.
  • Keeping Warm– Imagine installing in floor and wall warmers. Warm toes and towels are certainly desirable in the winter months. The towel warmers will run you about $100, considerably less than the radiant floor heaters. Learn more.
  • Luxury Showers- Tubs have lost their allure. Spa-like shower heads and sprays are certainly in vogue. Multiple shower heads amidst fully enclosed steam showers are becoming quite conventional in the master bathroom. People are even adding an in-shower bench.

There are a number of other trends you might find intriguing or inspiring. You can continue reading by clicking this.

Improve Your Home with a Tankless Water Heater

There is nothing quite like a good soak in a hot tub after a long day at work.  Add a few rose petals, a glass of wine and a few tea candles and you have the ultimate romantic mini break from everyday life and stress. Your home’s hot water supply can be the source to lots of fun and does a lot for your household.  You are able to enjoy quick hot showers, you can soak wounds, you can soak and wash laundry better and hot water is much better for proper cleaning.  If you are struggling with your hot water geyser then it is time to consider a tankless water heater.

Improve Your Home with a Tankless Water Heater

How a tankless water heater works

Tankless water heaters differentiate a lot.  There are plenty of different brands, shapes, sizes and makes on the market but they all function basically the same.  The water heater is attached to your tap’s water supply.  Water that pours through the heater is warmed up as it passes through the water heater.  The water is heated by a burner and heat exchanger within the water heater and then flows through the pipes to the tap where you can enjoy hot water.

Why tankless water heaters are better than geysers

  • Geyser tanks often get leaks and the water damage is often terrible and irreparable.   With a tankless water heater there is no huge leaky tank in the ceiling to cause damage.
  • With a geyser your hot water supply is limited. With a tankless water heater you never run out of hot water.
  • There is no waiting for water to warm up again when you have used a lot of hot water.
  • You don’t need a lot of space for these heaters. They can easily fit underneath a sink.
  • You can install the units yourself because they are so simple to use.
  • The water temperature is adjustable so you can save energy.

Get a heater for the kitchen

You can get a small water heater installed in the kitchen.  The heater will take up hardly any space at all and will enable you to wash dishes; floors do laundry and much more from the same small heater.

Get a heater for the bathroom

The heaters are great for bathroom use because you can shower as long as you like and never run out of hot water.  The units can be set according to your heat needs and you can adjust the water temperature throughout the year so you can get warmer water during winter and cooler water for less energy consumption during summer.

Shop for the best tankless water heaters

The Navien tankless water heaters are some of the best tankless water heaters currently on the market.  Some of the Navien tankless water heater models can last you up to 25 years because it is mostly made of stainless steel on the inside.  You can invest in a residential model for home use or commercial heater for excessive water consumption.

More Environment Friendly Flooring Solutions

You are concerned about the environment. You have always been concerned and you would like to show it not only through your actions but also your choices when it comes to your home. You would like to have a more environment friendly floor placed in your own home because you have to admit, flooring takes up a lot of space inside your home.

More Environment Friendly Flooring Solutions

While in the past, searching for Eco-friendly flooring was complicated because there were not a lot of choices, the amount of flooring that you can see at present time have tremendously improved. There are some factors you ought to consider to know if the flooring is “green” or not. Some of these factors are the following:

  • Durability – If you would pick something that is not durable, you will be forced to replace your flooring again and again. Doing this will not be good for the environment so it is best to pick something that will last for a long time.
  • Non Toxicity – This is simple to understand. If you pick something that is non toxic, this will not only be good for the environment, this will be good for you as well.
  • Renewable Sourcing – There are some flooring options that are available right now that are made from renewable or recycled resources.

You know that marble is one of the most beautiful flooring that you can place at home but it will only be environment friendly if you would get marble used before in another home. If you were able to find any, you can hire a company that can do marble polishing – click here to bring back the natural beauty of the marble floor.

If you would like other options then this is only normal, here are a few other flooring options that are modern and beautiful at the same time:

  1. Cork – This is totally new to the world of flooring. You may see it more often on your wall but it can be a flooring option now. Whenever cork is taken from the tree, the tree is not killed. The bark will grow again in three years which makes it more eco friendly. This can be designed and finished with various materials in order to fit the effect that you want.
  2. Bamboo – If you have always loved hardwood but you know that it is not environment friendly, you can opt for bamboo instead. This has characteristics that are similar to hardwood which makes it nice to have. It has grains and can be finished in different colors that can add a nice touch to your home.
  3. Linoleum – You may think that linoleum is a bad choice because it is similar to vinyl but this is not true. Linoleum is made out of different materials that are more environment friendly. The fact that they do not cost a lot of money can be a plus for you as well.

Right now, a type of flooring gaining popularity is concrete. In the past, this was used as a base for another type of flooring but this time, it can be polished and finished in such a way that it is appealing to a lot of homeowners. You may never know, you may want to try it out as well. The best thing about this is it never needs to be replaced.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal affects more than just the value of your home, but the value of the homes around you.  By taking the time to care for the exterior of your home, you can help keep the overall value of the neighborhood up while also providing yourself with an attractive space to use and enjoy.  If you are interested in improving your home’s curb appeal, consider starting in these areas.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Gardening and Landscaping

Properly managing your garden and landscape can make a significant difference in the appeal of your home, and certain changes can often be made relatively inexpensively.  For example, if you have overgrown plants, consider taking the time to trim them into shape.

Hedges and bushes can often be managed with some simple gardening tools, allowing you to get a work out in while beautifying the space.  Smaller trees may also be manageable, but often requires specialty tools, but large trees may require the services of a professional.

If you have a gardening space, but the soil seems to be lacking the organic material plants require to thrive, consider making your own compost to improve the quality of the soil.  A compost pile can be started fairly easily with certain food scraps being the primary material required.  If you are looking for faster results while composting, consider adding a worm compost bin over a traditional compost bin.

Siding and Trim

If your siding and trim are showing their age, it may be time to paint or replace them.  It can be somewhat costly, but it will have an immediate impact on the overall look of your home.  Refreshing the paint can be completed by the homeowner, as long as the proper safety equipment is involved, though it may be time consuming to complete all of the necessary steps.  Hiring a paint crew does add an additional expense, but most professionals have the equipment and manpower necessary to complete many jobs in as little as one day.

The installation of new siding is generally more complicated than painting, and generally requires a professional to ensure everything is installed properly.  Failure to properly install siding can lead to damage to your home over time, especially if water is able to seep behind the siding and reach the walls underneath.

Roofs and Porch Covers

As with siding, most roofing projects should be managed by a professional, as improperly installed roofing materials can lead to significant water damage over time.  However, it is another aspect of your home that can immediately increase the visual appeal of your home, regardless of whether you prefer standard architectural shingles, metal roofing, or Spanish tile.

Porch covers, as long as they are not actually a part of the roof, may be able to be replaced by the homeowner.  Most commonly, awnings and pergolas that do not tie in to the roof of the home do not require the same level of professional expertise as roofing, but it is important to understand how the cover is supported and whether or not you will need a permit before you can begin the work.

If you aren’t certain about the best way to proceed on any home improvement project, it is wise to consult with a professional before beginning any work.  Additionally, you should always check with local officials to determine if your project requires any official permits or inspections in order to be completed.

Improving Home Safety

Your home is your largest quantifiable investment. This means it should be something you choose to take good care of. It should be well maintained and safe-guarded to ensure your family and your belonging will be unharmed in the event of an unfortunate circumstance or potential crime.

So what are the steps you will take? Will you do some research to locate the best scope for Ar-15’s so you can protect your family from intruders? Or will you get a smaller gun? Or maybe you will retain your current gun owner status while taking additional measures to ensure your home’s safety.

Improving Home Safety

Steps to Improving Your Home Safety

Sometimes we can’t prevent home invasions, no matter how many guns we have, and how sensitive our alarms systems may be. That’s ok because we can take additional precautions to ensure our homes and valuables are safe. Consider these steps to improving safety in your home:

  • Kids’ Drawers- Most burglars know to look through your personal dressers to seek out your valuables. However, they might be less inclined to tear through your daughter’s sock drawer. Experts recommend storing valuables in the kids’ rooms to protect them in case of a burglary.
  • Mail- If your door has a mail slot in it, you have reduced the door’s integrity. That hole makes the door significantly weaker and much easier to kick in. Reconsider this stylish option by choosing a mailbox instead. There are a number of interesting mailbox options here.
  • Car Keys- Keep them by your bed while you sleep. That way, if you hear something suspicious in the middle of the night you can hit the panic button. That blaring horn will wake up the whole neighborhood and scare the pants off the would-be-intruder.
  • Thorns- No one likes to get pricked by thorns. So, if you plant thorny hedges around your windows you will make it significantly less inviting to someone who might want to take that way into your home. Besides, if you plant rosebushes you get the added beauty and security in one.
  • Wood- Keep those stacks of wood away from the house. You don’t want to give the crooks a boost up to your window. And you don’t want to hand them a weapon either.
  • Locks- Always double check the window locks. If you have let someone in to use the bathroom during other maintenance events, you may have unwittingly invited him/her to unlatch your window for later entry. Always double and triple check locks. Look at these window lock options.
  • Decal- Home security systems can be quite expensive. And, maybe you really can’t afford that additional cost in monitoring your home. If that is the case, then we recommend at least purchasing a sticker that will convince would-be-burglars to stay away. If they think you have an alarm system they may reconsider entering your home.
  • Crime Watch- Join your neighborhood Crime Watch team. That way people will readily keep an eye on your home because they know you are devoted to keeping an eye on their belongings too.
  • Packing- If you are going out of town, don’t pack until the very morning you leave. That way your full car won’t be an indicator to bad guys that you are going away for a while.

If you need additional home safety ideas read this.

Tips to perfectly maintain and clean your hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are elegant and beautiful. It is necessary to put a little extra effort in to maintain and keep the beautiful finish of your newly installed or refurbished hardwood flooring. It is every home owner’s pride and joy to show off their stunning wooden flooring and it is imperative to keep them in their natural and well taken care of state to increase the value of your property if you are thinking of selling it one day. When people look at classified ads for homes they are usually attracted to hardwood floors and unfortunately scratches and damage will not do you any justice. Here are a few useful tips to keep your floors beautiful. Read more about hardwood floor maintenance here.

Tips to perfectly maintain and clean your hardwood floors


You might thing this is a strange one, vacuuming is meant for carpets, right? Wrong, your hardwood floors need to be vacuumed at least once a week in order to remove small particles that might damage them in the long run. As you would vacuum your carpets you just need to run over the floors softly in order to not damage them.

No furniture polish

Believe it or not, furniture polish looks terrible on hardwood floors and will give a smeared and matt look to it. You shouldn’t use furniture polish near your floors and if you do you can easily wipe it away with some window cleaner.

Water is a definite no

If you are expecting a storm close the windows near your floors and chances are you or one of your household members will spill water on the floor. In this case remember that water ruins the finish of the wood and penetrates the wood causing bad stains. Immediately wipe away any water spills.

Cover it up

Areas like the hallway for example are high-traffic zones. Cover these areas up with rugs or runners to avoid too much wear and tear on your beautiful hardwood floors. It is a known fact that wood is strong and sturdy but not still vulnerable. Protect yours from thousands of footsteps. Take a look at some great interior ideas with hardwood floors here.

Use the right stuff

Do sufficient research about waxing and restoring products. Also use these products wisely to avoid over usage. Make sure you use the right finish for your floors. Take a look at this site for more information about hardwood flooring. There are so many different types of cleaning products for floors that you need to choose the right one for you.

Remove residue at all times

Realize that your floors are special and that simply wiping a spill away is not good enough. After wiping any spill off your hardwood floors use a reliable non-wax cleaner to get rid of further residue that was caused by the spill. Residue builds up and can do quite a bit of damage to your floors. It also looks grimy if not removed immediately because it tends to gunk up in the spaces between the wood.

Tips to Save Money on Home Improvements

Home improvements are often a necessity. Something goes wrong, there’s a leak, a missing shingle, or a cracked tile and it’s time to invest some money in repairs. But, what if you knew some tips to save money on these much needed repairs and renovations?

Imagine the money you could save utilizing the following tips. If you banked it and let it build you could start doing some traveling. Who knows? You might be looking to book tickets to India in the next year or so simply because you were frugal when it came to home improvements. Vacations and home repair could become synonymous if you’ll follow these simple tips.

Tips to Save Money on Home Improvements

Do Your Own Work- This is the tip that most people shy away from. However, you can learn to do just about anything on eHow or YouTube (read more). Seriously, we’ve watched videos about putting on metal roofs and changing out bathroom faucets. There’s no reason you can’t do it yourself so long as you have the right tools. And, tools are always a valuable investment as a homeowner. This is probably the greatest way to save money because contractors and handymen aren’t cheap!

Plan with the Future in Mind- If you are intending to remain in this home until you’re on your last leg, then this money saving tip isn’t for you. However, if you envision selling and moving sometime in the future then we recommend only doing renovations and improvements that are going to add value to your home over time. A new roof is one of those investments. Homes with newer roofs are worth more to buyers.

Do Your Research- Go to the local home improvement places and cost out materials. You should have a decent idea of what those replacement faucets, tiles and shingles cost. Then, get at least three bids for the work you want to have done. You can utilize the home improvement center’s contractors, a recommended contractor and a well-known handyman. If your improvements don’t require permits you’ll likely find that the handyman is considerably cheaper than the contractors. But don’t use any old handyman, make sure he is someone that has been recommended to you by a trusted source. Learn more about picking the right contractor here.

Stay Away from Expensive Redesigns- As much as you might want to add a bathroom to the guest bedroom, if you’ve got to move a loadbearing wall and repipe just to get it there, it’s probably not worth it. And, that kind of remodeling will put a huge damper on your plans to visit India. Plan to remodel and renovate things that are readily and inexpensively done. This will save you tons of money and lots of disappointment.

Embrace the Middle Ground- Sure, custom cabinetry and highly artistic tile can add flare to your home. However, if you can embrace the middle ground and get standard cabinets and moderately priced tiles, your house will be gorgeous simply because it’s new and your pockets will be lined in preparation for your trip. It’s all about priorities here. Are fancy cabinets with ornate trim superior to the Taj Mahal? The things you can see in India will far surpass the decorative tile in your bathroom, just read this.

Keeping your home improvement goals on a budget will open doors for more fanciful adventures. Don’t miss out because you’d rather have niceties at home.