Keep Your Bathroom Walls Beautiful With These Tips

A bathroom is supposed to give you the feeling of ultimate cleanliness the moment you step inside it.  Spending some time in a hot tub filled with fragranced water has many therapeutic benefits to your body.  Hot water relaxes aching and tense muscles, relieves pain in joints and relaxing in a bathtub or hot shower gives your mind some time to relax and work through problems in your life.  You should feel refreshed, relaxed and sparkly clean after a shower or warm bath.  It would be a terrible shame if you couldn’t get that sparkly clean and relaxed feeling because your bathroom’s paint is peeling or if mold is growing all over your shower.  Here are just a few tips that will help you keep your bathroom walls beautiful and sparkly no matter how humid your bathroom gets.

Keep Your Bathroom Walls Beautiful With These Tips

Waterproof your shower and bathtub walls

Waterproof your shower and bathtub walls by installing showerwall panels for your bathroom.  You can choose to install these panels only in the shower or around the bathtub or install these panels throughout your entire bathroom.  Showerwall panels are a waterproof paneling system that protects your walls from mold, moisture and humidity.  These panels are fashioned with a moisture resistant MDF core, a laminated backing and a watertight finish that ensures that no moisture can penetrate the walls at all.  The paneling protects walls from direct water splashes in the shower or bathtub and can also keep moisture from wearing down your walls.  This 100% waterproofing system is available in various colors and designs.  You can get bold colors like the clementine or bergamot or choose a more natural look for your bathroom such as grigio marble, silver travertine and much more.

Get a dehumidifier for the bathroom

A dehumidifier in the bathroom can be a great way to remove the damp and moisture from your bathroom after shower times are done with.  With a dehumidifier your bathroom and towels will dry off much quicker and the dehumidifier will greatly combat a fogging mirror.

Consider tilling

Tiling your bathroom is also one of the best ways to create a clean and fresh feeling for your bathroom although you should get a professional tile expert for your bathroom so no moisture can seek through cracks in the tiling grout between tiles which can be disastrous.

Get the right paint for your ceiling

Ceiling paint tends to peal much quicker than wall paint because the heat in the bathroom expands and retracts the panels much more and most of the moisture drifts upwards in steam form.  Latex paint is one of the best paint types for a bathroom ceiling because this paint is much more flexible and durable.

Get the right paint for bathroom walls

If you don’t plan on tiling your bathroom walls then latex paint is the best solution for your bathroom although it is recommended to give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint at least every five years and to do frequent maintenance on cracks or peeling paint.

Starting A Home Improvement Company

Many people would want their homes to improve in a way or the other but they either don’t have the time, they don’t know how or they may not have the resources needed. That is why a home improvement company may be needed. This may help in solving so much of their problems. As much as they may have issues with finances, they may work it out by maybe doing a yard sale of thing that they don’t need, or innovating what they have.  Some of the services that you can provide as a home improvement company includes:

Starting A Home Improvement Company


Yes cleaning is such a big problem for many households. With the busy lifestyle that keeps getting busier, people barely have the time to properly clean their households.  The house may not be as clean due to either lack of time or lack of the skill to do it. Gone are the days where cleaning companies were only hired for commercial purposes such as offices, now they are increasingly being adopted in homes. As a home improvement you can have a cleaning section and make sure that cleaning is done thoroughly. A satisfied customer will always make a referral and this will help your company to grow.

Interior décor

We all love beautiful spaces but not everyone has the artistic eye. That is where a home improvement company comes to play. All you need as a home improvement company is to know the taste and preference of the customer then suggest the themes that may work well with his house and then you are set to go. Clutter is common in many households, most of the time people just postpone getting rid of the clutter.  If they have a lot of clutter in the house you may suggest a yard sale to get rid of the clutter. The interior décor can give a house an extreme makeover; it’s up to you to play around with it for the best results.


Landscaping is not only all about lawn mowing, its bout exterior décor. You can change and revolutionize the look of a home with simply landscaping. This is one of the key areas that many would love but are not skilled on or don’t have the time to do it. As a home improvement company you can come up with a landscaping theme that will suit the home and plant the right flowers that will match the personality of the residents in the home.


There is a lot that can be done by a home improvement company that was just but a few. From you can get many ideas on tips for your home improvement business. You can play around with creativity as well and offer something that is not being offered. With proper research you can understand better the market needs and tailor them accordingly and offer them as a service. You should always remember that no business will succeed without proper marketing strategy.

Some Tips in Building a Tiny House

You have probably dreamed of living in a tiny house for as long as you can remember. You have seen other people have homes that may be considered to be really small but look great nonetheless. When purchasing a tiny home, you may choose to buy a pre – built home but you have to admit that it may not fit the specifications you have in mind.

You may be thinking about getting a loan for your home but you are not sure how to do it because your credit score is not at its best. The best thing you can do is to hire experts that can work on your credit restoration. After some time, you can expect that your credit will be good enough to get a good loan. You can have enough money to have your tiny house built.

Just remember that if you would like your tiny home to look amazing without having to use too much energy, you can always make your home more energy efficient. For example, you can consider having some solar panels strategically placed in various parts of your tiny home. The energy that you can get from these solar panels can be used in different ways.

Some Tips in Building a Tiny House

You can always have your tiny house made as long as you would follow these tips:

  1. Remember that there are fold down options available.

One of the reasons why people are able to do a lot of things with their tiny homes is because they have fold down furniture that can be folded down when they are not needed. This furniture may not be used all at the same time but when you think about it, you do not normally use these things all at once.

  1. Your walls will make a lot of difference.

Do you realize that your walls are not merely there in order to keep you safe from different weather conditions or to give you privacy when you want it. These walls can serve as the place where you will hang all of the items you need. Your kitchen can truly feel like a kitchen with all the various items you need all hanged up on the walls of your home.

  1. Make sure that your tiny house is not cluttered.

One of the reasons why you can become unhappy about tiny house living is because of the clutter that may form when you feel like you do not have enough storage anymore. When you reduce your clutter, you will feel like the space that you have in your home is sufficient to keep you comfortable.

  1. Have high ceilings on your tiny house.

You may feel a bit cramped when the ceiling of your tiny house is small. You would also reduce the amount of things you can place with not enough ceiling space. Your ceiling can be used for storage too provided that you are creative in designing the proper storage space.

With all of these tips in mind, you may just have the tiny house that you have always dreamed of having.

Learn To Do Your Home Improvements Yourself

The best way to get something done is by doing it yourself.  When you learn to do your own home improvements you save a heap of money because it is much cheaper to do your own repairs and maintenance than it is to hire a handyman to do these things for you.  Learning a new skill is also great fun and when you can do things yourself the tasks get completed a lot faster.  With that said, there are always a few things that are best left in the hands of an expert.  Dangerous home repairs such as electrical repairs or construction repairs are mostly best to avoid unless you have exceptional skill in these departments but there are plenty of home repairs that you should be able to do yourself with just a bit of guidance.

Consult eHow for the best home improvement instructions is one of the best places to learn the best home improvement tips.  This site has heaps of advice and information that will guide you through many home improvement and repairs.  You can learn to paint, drill, use a chainsaw and you can get great instructions on a variety of tasks such as to wire a plug or to install a dishwasher and much more from these instructions and if you are more of a visual person then YouTube can also give you a lot of useful info so you can get things done yourself.


 Consider a tool shed

One of the biggest reasons why most home owners don’t do their own repairs is because of space. There is no space for tools.  A small tool shed in the garden will greatly improve your general home flexibility because you can organize your tools well, you have a secure place to keep expensive tools and you can do much more in and around the house after you have purchased the right tool.  A small wooden tool shed will also enable you to store away all of your gardening gear.

Should you learn to use dangerous tools?

Using dangerous tools can be quite nerve wrecking but can also be tremendously useful.  With a chainsaw, for example, you can maintain your garden much better because you can remove trees easier and turn offcuts into firewood.  You can check out to have a look at some of the best chainsaws on the market that will give you the best effect and to get a few tips on handling a chainsaw effectively.

Stock up your toolshed

The more tools you have at your disposal the better because with a greater variety of tools you can do much more in and around the tools.  You could do many tasks such as build your own patio and garden furniture, lay your own tiles, and install your own home appliances, repair broken windows yourself, paint your house yourself and perhaps even take on small construction projects such as the constructing of a fishpond, bird cage or even a veranda.

Making Your Home Pet Friendly

Pets are important to a lot of people. Your pets can be there for you whenever you are down or whenever you are going through some unfortunate events in your life. Your pets can also bring you joy after a long, hard day of working. The pets that you have at home are more than just animals – they are the animals that you long to care for and keep healthy so you can spend time with them for a long time.


Pets are not merely there to entertain you however, they would need love, care and attention too. If you would not be able to give this, then you cannot be a responsible pet owner. At the same time, you need to consider your pet’s safety when you are building a home.


The type of changes or specifications that you are going to make at home for your pets may differ depending on what your pet needs. For example, do you have a dog that normally runs going to the street when your door is left open, then you may need another safety door that will stop your dog from reaching the street unattended. You also have to think about the items that may be hazardous for your pets.


If you are normally out of your house for more than 8 hours, you cannot let your pets starve. You can choose to get an automatic dog feeder that will give the food that your dog needs at the right time. There are different dog feeders available though. It is best that you choose the one that will work best for your dog’s needs.


Here are some tips that you can follow to make your home more pet – friendly:


  • Take a look at the plants that you have at home. Do you know that there are some plants that are harmful for your pets? Do not let your pets become victimized or poisoned by plants that should not be there. There are a lot of common yet toxic plants that you should be familiar with.
  • If you have antifreeze at home, make sure that you keep it in a place that will not be accessed by your pets. It seems that there are a lot of pets that die from consuming anti freeze every year because they find the smell appealing.
  • If you have sewing tools or other items that you use for your arts and crafts, make sure that you would keep this out from your pet’s reach. There are some dogs that may use your pincushion as a chew toy and they may end up getting pinned as a result. Worse, they may even swallow needles and pins. This is the same with cats, they may love your knitting yarns. They may become tangled with yarn or get hit by the knitting needles.
  • Have the right flooring and fabric that will make cleaning and maintenance easy for you. There are a lot of choices now that will allow you to keep a stylish home without making the various parts of your home hard to maintain and clean.


Can you still think of other tips that can make any home become pet friendly? Feel free to share your tips below.

Finance for Buying Your New Home

It is everyone’s dream to own a home. There is nothing as good as somewhere you can just call your own. Contrary to popular belief, owning a home is easier than you may think even though it may be expensive. It only needs the right plan and the right strategies and you are set. Good thing there are also many financial institutions that can help in financing your new home if you have the right credit score. The common route that many take is a mortgage though there are other kinds of financing that you can use for your home.  When it comes to home ownership, one can either opt to buy or build a home. Most people prefer buying a home as they don’t want to go through the process of building a home as it may be tedious and time consuming.  Some of the tips of buying a home include:

Finance for Buying Your New Home

Build on your credit score

It is only by working on your credit score that you will be able to qualify for loans from financial institutions.  Many places that offer loans they judge your credit score to determine if you are legible for the loan or not. You can work on your credit score by paying your loans on time. With a good credit score you have many options that you can get loans from.

Figure out what you can afford

The market has lot to offer and the truth is that there is always something for everyone. Not all real estate are expensive, there are those that are relatively cheaper than others. Its price however is determined by many factors. It is therefore important to check out on the market and figure out what will best suit your budget.

Do your savings

As much as you have the option of getting a loan from a third party, you also have to have some savings at hand. Most of the time, you will require savings for the down payment and closing costs. If you have some savings it reduces the amount of loan that you will have to take. The more you save, the better so strive to save as much as possible. You can also take the route of saving with home financing companies since the savings will be tax free.

Decide on a financing route

Once you have your savings and you have figured out what you want, it’s now time to look for a financer for your home. There are many routes that you can take the common one being mortgage. If you opt for mortgage, get pre-approved for one. If you decide on a loan check out on the terms as some loans have better terms than others.


Buying a home successfully requires a good plan. Good news is there are many financing options to choose from. There are also real estate companies nowadays that give you a financing option for both commercial real estate and residential real estate.

Spa and Hot Tub Health Benefits

I’m pretty sure that most people dream of coming home from a hard day at work just so that they can soak themselves inside a hot tub and relax. In this article, we are actually going to look at the health benefits of hot tubs, and you’ll realize that it is actually important to have one in your home. We will also be reviewing some of the best hot tubs that you can find on the market today.

Benefits of Hot Tubs and Spas

Stress Relief

When a person is in a hot tub, the warm temperatures of the water help to improve blood circulation, increasing the body temperature in the process, and relaxing your mind. When one is in warm water, the autonomic nervous system alters, bringing about changes that are parallel to those seen during relaxation, according to Dr. Bruce Becker of Washington State University. This has a positive effect on the memory and during the performance of cognitive tasks. It is also in a hot tub where you’re less likely to get distractions from your phone or television, giving you the amount of downtime that you deserve as stress is released.

Spa and Hot Tub Health Benefits

Improved Sleep

According to medical experts, soaking in a hot tub before one goes to sleep is highly recommended because it helps the body relax into deep sleep more quickly and easily. The added relaxation and stress relief benefits also help to improve sleep quality.

Physical Benefits

There is increased blood flow, making the blood vessels dilate when one submerges their body in hot water. It also heats up the deep muscle tissues, bringing about relaxation and relieving tight muscles. The buoyancy of the water helps to relieve any joint pains since 90% of the body is supported by water, giving the joints a chance to rest and relax.

Do Your Research

Despite the health benefits that we have mentioned above, there are some health situations that might not allow someone to soak in a hot tub. Situations like pregnancies, high blood pressure or heart problems might cause a problem, and it is advised to seek guidance from your doctor. Chemicals like chlorine or bromine can cause skin irritations in some cases, and yet they are commonly used in many tubs. Ensure that the tub is well sanitized before immersing yourself in the water to avoid that unpleasant bacteria that could bring you problems.

The Best Hot Tubs with Plug & Play Operation Feature

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa

Compare the Life Smart Luna to any major brand on the market, and you will find that not only do their spas offer equal or better accessories and comfort, but they manufacture the sturdiest shells in the business. The Lifesmart Luna has the same standard parts and features as any name brand hot tub such as Topside Controls, Interchangeable Jets, Top-loading filters. They also feature their highly indestructible Rock Solid Shell. The Lifesmart Luna is a 110volt Plug & Play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation. Simply set it up, fill it up and plug it in.

Only Lifesmart use ECO SMART technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into every Lifesmart Luna spa Lifesmart Spas require less energy and deliver better performance than any other hot tubs in their class this is due to their full foam insulation system and a thick energy saving spa cover designed to save you money on operating your spa so all you do is enjoy. The Lifesmart Luna Spa has a deep bucket seat complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall and foot well jets included. There are top side comfort valves that allow you to find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage. The Luna also features a top side digital command center and features a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps. Add the Lifesmart Luna to your backyard today and enjoy the luxury you deserve.


  • 3 Seating Positions
  • 110 Volt 15 Amp dedicated circuit plug and play operation
  • 12 total jets
  • Comfort valve air mixing system
  • Warranty: 5 years’ shell 1 year electronics and pumps 90 days’ labor


  • It is very durable
  • The jets have an amazing pressure that helps to soothe your muscles
  • It is very easy to set up and use
  • The water temperature and the jet speeds are very easy to control
  • It does not require a lot of space, which means that you can set it up almost anywhere.


  • It takes quite a bit of time for the water to heat up
  • It is quite expensive compared to the inflatable hot tubs

Lifesmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa

The Life smart 450 DX has the same parts and features as any name brand hot tub. Balboa topside controls, therapy jets, top-loading filter. A highly indestructible Rock-solid Shell. The Life smart 450 DX is a unique full size 7-person, 110 volts plug and play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation. Simply plug it in and enjoy. Life smart Spas use less energy than any other hot tubs with an optional full foam insulation system and a 3″ thick energy saving spa cover.

Life smart uses Eco Smart technology, the efficient energy management system in every spa. The spas are the only brand sold at Home Depot that exceeds the strict California Energy Mandate for spas. This Spa has a comfortable barrier free seating for 7 complete with therapy jets and a waterfall. There are top side comfort valves to find the perfect mix of air and water for a great massage. The 450 DX also features a top side digital control and a spa light. Add the Life smart 450 DX to your backyard today.

Special Bonus: For a very limited time receive a free special 3″ thick tapered locking hard cover, full foam insulation, Ozone water treatment system, upgraded stainless steel jets and LED 6 color at 1099 USD value.


  • 19 therapy jets plus adjustable waterfall jet 20 total jets
  • Plug and play: no special wiring needed 110 volts 15-amp dedicated circuit required
  • Includes locking spa cover
  • 7-person capacity


  • It comes with a rock-solid shell that is designed to be long-lasting. It also comes with stainless steel jet covers to increase the longevity of the water jets.
  • It features the Plug & Play operation that makes it much easier to set up and use
  • It is equipped with a heat saving system that helps to retain the heat in the water, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to fully heat up the tub’s water.
  • It comes with six multi-colored LED lights that are designed to create the ultimate, soothing spa mood.


  • Due to its larger size, the Lifesmart 400 DX hot tub model is quite heavy. This makes it much harder to set it up. Moving it around after installation is also a huge task.

The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa

The Lifesmart Simplicity Plug and Play 4-person spa has the same standard parts and features as any brand name hot tub, such as Balboa topside controls, adjustable jets, and a top-loading filter, but also features a highly indestructible Rock Solid Shell. The Discovery Simplicity is a 110 volt Plug & Play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation. Simply set it up, fill it up and plug it in. Only Lifesmart uses Eco Smart technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into every Lifesmart Simplicity spa.

Lifesmart Spas require less energy and deliver better performance due to a full-foam insulation system and a thick energy-saving spa cover designed to save money on the operation of the spa. It even meets the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs. The Lifesmart Simplicity Spa has 4 deep bucket seats complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall, and top-side comfort valves that allow you to find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage. The Simplicity also features a top side digital command center and a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps. The Simplicity features a barrier-free open seating design for up to 4 adults.


  • Rock solid simplicity plug and play spa with 12 jets
  • Discovery collection
  • Construction material: Eco thermo plastic
  • 4-person capacity
  • 12 high therapy jets
  • Deluxe Balboa digital control
  • 12-volt light with red and blue lens caps
  • Full foam energy-saving insulation
  • Deluxe locking energy saving cover
  • Comfort dials allow for the perfect air and water mix
  • Waterfall feature
  • 5 hp pump
  • 110 volt plug and play
  • Sandstone Rock solid shell with matching sandstone Rock solid surround


  • It comes with the plug and play feature, which makes it very easy to use
  • The water pump helps to increase the strength of the jets, making them more enjoyable
  • It is very durable and comes with a stylish design
  • The lights produce a very relaxing mood, which is perfect for your spa experience


  • It takes quite some time for the water to heat
  • It is relatively expensive


If you’re looking for that ultimate blow up pool with seats

Lifesmart hot tub to relax in and take the stress out of your body, the tubs mentioned above are some of the best and modern ones that you’ll find. The reviews are good and it is up to you to find the one that suits your needs and your pockets.

Tips of Surfing if You Live Near the Beach

If you happen to live near the beach, there are many activities that you can participate in. In this article, we are going to look at surfing, where I’ll give you tips on surfing and then we will review some of the best iSUP’s that there are on the market. We will start with the surfing tips for beginners.

If you’ve never surfed, learn the etiquette, the rules that apply to surfers.

In a lineup (the area where a group of surfers ride waves), there are rules that everyone has to follow in order for them to be safe while having fun.  This is the first step that you should follow and it I also the most important one. Breaking the rules is similar to buying a car and then going ahead to break all the traffic rules.

Tips of Surfing if You Live Near the Beach

Learn how to paddle on flatwater first

It is not advisable to go surfing out in the ocean before you’re proficient at paddling, turning, and stopping. Make sure you’re comfortable with your paddle. Practice and gain endurance before you introduce waves, chop, etc.

Go out on a flat day

Wait until there’s a relatively flat day when surfing for the first time since then you’ll get the motion of the ocean without encountering mountain sized waves.

Wear a leash

For the sake of your safety, it is important for one to wear their leash. It could prevent a huge tragedy from occurring.

Find your own peak

When you’re ready to paddle out, look for a place on the beach that is not congested with other suffers or swimmers. This will give you ample space to practice.

Have an experienced surfer take you out

Get a professional to train you, whether is a friend or someone that you might have to pay. They’ll show you the way to get about things like waves and other surfing techniques. They’ll also help you become a productive, responsible member of the lineup.

Be prepared for the conditions

You should be well prepared for the weather and the change in temperatures by wearing wetsuits that are appropriate. If you’re not prepared, you could suffer from conditions like hypothermia. Also remember that falling off the SUP into the water is normal while learning to surf and you should also be prepared for it.

Be friendly, but not obnoxious

Saying, “hello” and a smile go a long way. When learning to control your SUP, you might fall down and attract weird looks from those around you. Think nothing of it and just smile back at them because it is the course of learning. Once you learn and respect the rules of the lineup, you’ll become more localized and more accepted.

Acknowledge mistakes and apologize. Move on

Everybody makes mistakes and it is only right to apologize and move on. Making mistakes is human and part of the learning process.

We will now go ahead and look at some reviews of the inflatable stand up paddle board. There are many iSUP’s and the ones that we’re reviewing are some of the best that can be found in the market.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’4” Inflatable SUP

Performs Like a Hard Board

Riding a rigid inflatable SUP will make you feel like you’re on a hard board without compromising stability or performance. Many inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) on the market are still only 4” thick and pretty difficult for an adult to comfortably ride because they bend too much. Our inflatable SUPs have been at least  6” thick since we first produced them years ago, making our boards 4x as rigid with 2x the weight capacity. The added benefits make Tower SUPs a great option for beginners and tandem riders alike.

Durable Enough to Run Over

That’s right–forget about dents and dings with inflatable boards. These no hassle boards can be used in white water rapids and paddled onto rocky shores. We’ve even thrown them off of buildings and run them over with a car and they’re no worse for the wear. The durability comes down to the top notch drop-stitch construction (for rigidity) and double layered military grade material (for exterior strength) of our boards. Be weary of newer boards made with the fused process. While they may be lighter, they lose rigidity and durability in the construction process and are much cheaper boards overall.

Store or Take It Anywhere

Storing a stand up paddle board has never been easier. A deflated inflatable SUP is about the size of a rolled up sleeping bag. This allows you to tuck it into the trunk of your car and easily store in a closet. Additionally, inflatables are pretty lightweight, so even petite riders can transport the board. There’s no need to rent a board when you’re on vacation–just check it on the plane with you. And in the off season you can simply store it in the garage or shed. Cold temperatures won’t hurt them at all.

Easy Enough for Anyone to Learn

Paddleboarding is the fastest growing watersport because just about anyone any age and skill level can learn how to SUP. It’s a great way to get the family together or mix up your workout routine. And at the end of the day, it’s easy to just roll up and stow away or keep inflated all season long. Maintenance is simple, just rinse after use and use mild soap and water when it’s time for an extra cleanup. Inflatable paddle boards make owning a SUP a no brainer.


  • Package deal: New design includes front bungee, carrying handles on the nose and tail plus a 3 piece fiberglass paddle, fin and pump
  • Portable – Easy to store and transport
  • Extremely RIGID – Weight limit of up to 350 lbs on the water. When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board
  • 2-year warranty – 2-year manufacturers warranty which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear
  • Highly durable – Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry again about dings and board cracks

Isle 10ft. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Why Shop ISLE?

Born and Bred on the water in San Diego California Since 2004. The team is committed to bringing the best quality paddle boards designed and tested by people who surf and paddle every day.

30 Day Ride it and Love it Guarantee

Ride it and Love it or Return it! If you don’t love your board Isle will take it back! They stand behind every product they make 100%!

Who is this board for?

The perfect iSUP board to fit all skill levels! Our ISLE 10’ All Around Airtech Fusion-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board model is our bestselling SUP model – and for good reason. The trim, stylish design fits riders of all sizes looking for a versatile board shape for both flat water, small surf performance and everything in between.

Included Accessories

Includes 3 Piece Aluminum Adjustable Travel Paddle, Carry Bag, High Pressure Pump & Gauge (Inflates to 15 PSI), Removable Travel Fin and Repair Kit.

Why Airtech Fusion-Lite Construction?

The ISLE 10’ All Around Airtech Fusion-Lite Inflatable Paddle Board is now 30% lighter than comparable inflatable paddle boards without compromising quality. To obtain this they utilize a unique high end manufacturing process and machine coat the drop stitch with a special seal and bonding layer, and then add another machine-laminated, higher-density PVC layer. This effect is to remove any human factor or error in the bonding process. This creates a consistent, unique bond by a highly controlled machine process that’s just not achievable via the previous hand-gluing methods of our competitors. The end result is a lighter, stiffer, more durable iSUP board without any of the extra weight.


  • Airtech construction – 10’ x 31” x 6” | board weight 17.5 lbs. | supports riders up to 240 lbs.
  • All around design – ultimate stability in flatwater and small waves | great for all skill levels
  • Ultra durable – constructed with military grade pvc | 6” thick – no more dings or damage
  • Includes isup accessory bundle – paddle, carry backpack, high pressure pump
  • 30 day guarantee + 1 year warranty on materials – risk free returns within 30 days

Solstice Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Coming at 10ft. 8in., the Bali paddle board from Solstice offers a fun way to enjoy the performance of a regular board with the convenience of an iSUP. It can be inflated to 12-15 PSI so that it offers riders a firmness that rivals that of regular boards. It is rigid and according to some reviewers, it can carry more than one person at a time.

The board is portable and convenient, deflating and rolling  up into a small size that can fit in any car comfortably and even store in the closet. It is also stable in waterand responds well in the water even under windy conditions.

Finally, the Bali comes with accessories such as a pump, a gauge, and a bag for carrying the deflated board. It also comes with four ties in order to allow riders to bring along any items they may need on their ride.

Tower Paddle Paddle Boards Adventurer 9’10” iSUP Package

It comes at 9ft. 10in. long, and comes with a simpler paddle and fewer design features. It is great for beginners and for riders in water with up to 4-foot waves. The board is rigid and durable, constructed of military-grade PVC arranged in a vertical pattern. It is also portable and can be stored in small spaces.


  • Extremely rigid – Weight limit of up to 350 lbs on the water. When fully inflated, it feels very similar to a hard board (can be inflated up to 15 PSI -but is stiff and ready to ride at 10 PSI).
  • Highly durable – Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction. Never worry again about dings and board cracks.
  • Portable – Easy to store and transport. It is 9’10
  • Package deal – Includes board, pump, and 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle.
  • 2-year warranty – 2-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers everything outside of normal wear & tear.

Isle 12ft. 6in. iSUP Package

This 12ft. 6in. iSUP from Isle offers riders the same qualities of excellent construction, durability, and rigidity as does the 10ft. version. The increased length makes the board more stable in water even in choppy water. It is rigid and durable, made of military grade material. This material uses drop stitch construction, which arranges the fibers vertically to achieve maximum rigidity. It also comes with a pump, a gauge, a fin that can be removed, a repair kit, and an aluminum paddle. These accessories join a bungee system for securing items to the board and carrying rings that allow you to tie the board up when desired. The result is a convenient, enjoyable, and reliable way to enjoy the paddle boarding experience.


  • Airtech construction – 12’6” x 30” x 6”, board weight: 20.5 lbs. and supports riders up to 275 lbs.
  • Stability for fitness – Wide nose and tail outline offers a stable platform for SUP Yoga
  • Ultra-durable – Constructed with military grade PVC, 6” Thick – No more dings or damage
  • Includes iSUP accessory bundle – Paddle, carry backpack, high pressure pump
  • 30-day guarantee + 1 year warranty on materials – Risk Free Returns within 30 Days

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP

This board is designed to be used on long touring rides or in races, due to its speed and durability. It comes with a 14′ length, that make it faster, more responsive, and more stable in the water. It can hold up to 700 pounds, allowing for multiple and large riders to enjoy paddle boarding without sinking or getting wet. It is also rigid and durable, made of military-grade material for added strength, and a drop stitch construction (material is woven vertically) for maximum firmness. It is resistant to scratches and scrapes, it offers a high-quality product for a lower price than similar iSUP’s, and can become very compact when packed away.


  • Package comes with a high-pressure pump and 3-pc adjustable paddle
  • Product specs: Weight capacity of up to 700 lbs, 10-11 PSI, 14′ length x 32″ width x 8″ thick
  • Portable: Rolls up like a sleeping bag. Easier to store, easier to transport.
  • Durable: Never worry again about dings or cracks. This board is made with military-grade material and is nearly indestructible.
  • Fast: This inflatable is designed for speed and distance. Great for racing or touring.

Blue Wave Sports Stingray iSUP

This board comes with extreme durability, versatility and strength (it has the ability to hold up to 220 pounds) due to Blue Wave’s practice of layering the board’s construction. The board has a layered drop stitch construction as well as a double layer on the outside of the shell making it stronger and more rigid. It resists damage when bumped or scratched and that takes on a minimum of water during the ride. It’s ideal for beginners, seasoned riders, in calm water, in choppy water, and almost everywhere else. It comes with an array of accessories that make it both easier to use and a rewarding value. These include a pump, a removable fabric seat, a carry bag, a fin that can be attached or detached for easier navigation, a foot rest, bungee cords for securing items to the board, and a paddle that can be adjusted for use in a variety of ways. The result is a high quality, versatile board at a great value.


  • Measures 10-ft L x 30-in W x 4-in thick when properly inflated; weight capacity 220-lbs
  • Multi-layer drop stitched high pressure core construction is rigid and strong; Double layered outer skin for superior durability
  • Dual-action high pressure hand pump, high pressure screw valve and wrench; Multi-configuration blade/paddle with 3 uses – 50-in long 2-piece canoe paddle, 89.5-in long kayak paddle, or 71-in long SUP paddle
  • Convenient quick-grab carry handle with built-in stainless steel D rings and bungee cord for easy accessory storage; Large anti-slip deck pad featuring “Z Ray – Soft Grip Technology” for superior grip, control and comfort
  • Package includes: blade/paddle, adjustable removable fabric seat, foot rest, hand pump, detachable center tracking fin, rip-resistant polyethylene storage bag, and easy to use repair kit

Isle Airtech 10’4” Yoga Fitness iSUP

This is for women who want to practice yoga and it boasts a colorful pink and purple design. Its design ensures safety and comfort at a length of 10’4”. This length makes it faster and more maneuverable in the water with more room for your yoga. It is wider (36 in.) and thicker (6 in. instead of 4 in.) making it more stable in the water. The 6-in. thickness ensures that the board will not bend in the middle, even during the most complicated yoga poses. It comes with a paddle bungee system mounted to the paddle board’s rail so it is out of the way and the placement of a bungee system for drinks and gear just within reach. Its PVC material is heavy duty and designed to resist dings, drops, and crashes. The board also deflates into a compact 6in. X 36in. size for easy transport and storage.


  • Airtech construction – 10’4” x 31” x 6”, board weight 18.2 lbs. Support riders up to 255 lbs.
  • Stability for fitness – Wide nose and tail outline offers a stable platform for SUP Yoga
  • Ultra-durable – Constructed with Military Grade PVC, 6” thick – No more dings or damage
  • Includes iSUP accessory bundle – Paddle, carry packpack, high pressure pump
  • 30-day guarantee + 1 year warranty on materials – Risk free returns within 30 days

Isle Airtech 15′ Megalodon Tandem Paddle Board

The Isle Megladon is a supersize paddle board made for supersize fun and is an incredible way to share paddling with a group of friends, family or anyone who wants to come aboard and experience the fun of paddling in a group.

  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all workmanship & materials
  • Board dimensions:15′ x 50″ x 8″
  • Included accessories: 4 aluminum adjustable travel paddle, high pressure pump, removable travel fins & a repair kit
  • Incredibly durable: We use only the highest quality military grade Korean Drop stich construction allowing our boards to get rock hard and remain durable
  • All around style shape: all around shape perfect for surf and flatwater use
  • Non-slip traction & carry handle: includes comfort diamond groove traction for grip and 13 carry handles for easy transport
  • Deck mounted bungee system: 4 stainless steel d rings and bungee for carrying items along for the ride
  • Stainless steel D-rings: Located on the bow. Perfect for towing or tying up to docks and boats
  • Designed & tested in San Diego California by Paddlers for Paddlers

Isle Airtech 7’6” Kids iSUP

This Isle Airtech® Inflatable Paddle Board (iSUP) is designed specifically to support smaller individuals from 30 – 125 lbs. The 7ft 6-inch length, generous width and flat rocker provide a stable versatile board for the little ones with a volume they can manage. Dimensions are 6 inches thick, 28 inches wide and can be safely pumped up to 15 PSI meaning you will get a board both rigid and easy to paddle.

  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all workmanship & materials
  • Included accessories: 3-piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle, high pressure pump (inflates to 15 psi), removable travel fins & a repair kit
  • Incredibly durable: We use only the highest quality military grade Korean drop stich construction allowing our boards to get rock hard and remain durable
  • Easy to store & transport: deflates into the size of a sleeping bag, inflates in under 5 minutes
  • Non-slip traction & carry handle: includes comfort diamond groove traction for grip and center carry handle for easy transport
  • Deck mounted bungee system: 4 stainless steel d rings and bungee for carrying items along for the ride
  • Stainless steel D-rings: Located on the stern and bow. Perfect for towing or tying up to docks and boats
  • Designed & tested in San Diego California by Paddlers for Paddlers


Well, there you have it. The next time that you go to your beach house and would like to try surfing, those are some of the best iSUP’s that can be found on the market.

Small Changes That Will Make Your Guestroom Look Flawless

In a world that is consistently evolving and shifting ever transient, change is possibly the only thing in this world that is constant! Keeping yourself limited to the same things and outlooks can become incredibly drab and is something that nobody likes. When it comes to having an exciting life, you need to begin right with your house.

Living in the same house for many years can lead to the tedious and monotonous situation. Nevertheless, changing your home is certainly not the option that we are suggesting! You cannot simply change your home if you are bored with the way it feels although you can most certainly change the way it looks.

Small Changes That Will Make Your Guestroom Look Flawless

To escape the growing weariness with the same old routines and styles, you need to bring some changes in your home décor to make it look different from the way it had previously looked. Starting for the guestroom (as it is one of the most important rooms in your house reserved for outsiders and family members alike!), there are some simple tips and tricks through which you can bring about a refreshing change to your home décor. Read the tips below and get to know everything you need to know before you’re off redecorating!

  • Bring Some Simplicity:

If your guestroom is filled to bursting point with large furniture items and various enormous decoration pieces, you need to get rid of them plain and simple. You can either auction them off on the internet or sell them off at a shop and make some extra money out of them.

Once you do that, you can use these funds to re-paint your house in a different manner. To do this right, you must choose a lighter color scheme with small and dainty furniture pieces to match. This will bring about a newer and refreshing appearance to the guestroom of your house.

Along with that, to add some brightness to your newly painted guestroom, buy some freshly blooming flowers and put them in various vases. For a fresher appearance, tulips are the best choice as they not only look pleasant but give off a refreshing scent.

  • Make It Sophisticated:

In most of the houses, the guestroom gets the least amount of attention. People typically do not pay much attention while decorating their guestrooms and therefore put it together quite simply. What people don’t understand is that this is quite an inappropriate thing to do as your guestroom is the place that would make the best impression upon anyone that comes to your house as a guest.

Therefore, now is the time to make your home a bit more sophisticated, progressive and classy. To achieve this step-by-step look for your guestroom, bring some modern technology into it. First of all, set up a computer system in it so that all visitors who are addicted to Facebook can use the PC and get the most out of it. Next, connect the guestroom with a UPS supply. In case the power goes out, you will be saved from the embarrassment of lightning candles and oil lamps in front of your guest. In fact, get a UPS connection for all of your rooms as it is extremely helpful and can be useful in everyday life in numerous ways.

  • Give It A Rustic Look:

If your budget is plentiful, you can improvise the outlook of your guestroom in a drastic way. To do this, you can add a rustic touch to your guest room by installing a chandelier in the ceiling. Chandeliers come in a great range, and you can buy one according to your set budget.

You can install a wooden flooring for a more classy and fashionable outlook. Moreover, the besides can support lamps, and beautiful linen curtains can be added as a final sweeping touch to your now rustic themed guestroom.

  • Add Mirrors:

If you are operating on a smaller budget, the best and the easiest way to decorate a guest room is by adding lots of mirrors into it. Buying mirrors are easy and decorating them is even easier. You can purchase them in some different shapes and sizes and embellish your guest room with them. They not only make the room seem classy but at the same time, will make it look bigger and better!

How to Have an Eco Friendly Pool

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about having an eco friendly pool is that they assume that this pool will be more prone to algae growth. You should realize by now that this is not true. Your pool may be the main point of your home and you would like it to remain well maintained and beautiful especially if you have some guests over.

One way to ensure that it will remain great looking is by checking out Through here you will get an idea about the various pool designs that can fit your current home right now. It does not matter whether you want to build something big or small. They can outfit your home with the pool that will make you feel relaxed every time you look at it.

How to Have an Eco Friendly Pool

Still, having a pool does not mean that you do not care about the environment anymore. There are a lot of things that you can do right now to make your pool more environment friendly.

  1. Cover your pool when you are not using it.

As you know, water evaporates especially when the weather is hot. If you would keep your pool covered, you can lessen the possibility of evaporation and you can retain the water that you have on your pool for a longer period of time. If you are not sure when you are going to use your pool, choose a cover that you can put on and put away easily.

  1. Choose a cleaner other than chlorine.

Whenever you swim at pool resorts, you cannot help but notice a certain smell that you have associated with pools all your life. This is the smell of chlorine which is normally the cleaner used in public and private pools. Chlorine is not the most environment friendly cleaner that is available however. In fact, if you place too much chlorine, there is a chance that you will suffer from some irritation. You can choose other natural sanitizers that will clean your pool effectively minus all the possible side effects.

  1. Use a solar heater.

There will be times when you want your pool to be heated so that you can relax and swim even if the weather is not too hot. Using a standard heater can be very effective for your pool but not so much for the environment. Install a solar heater that can get the energy that your pool needs to heat up from the rays of the sun. Of course, a solar heater may cost a lot of money initially but the investments that you can get later on will all be worth it.

  1. Manually clean your pool.

It is okay to have all the right machines that can keep your pool clean for a long period of time but there are moments when you still need to manually clean it. If there are some leaves that have fallen on your pool, then take them away. This will also lessen the amount of energy that will be used up by your pool filter.

There are a lot of things that you can do to have a pool and still make it eco friendly at the same time. Do not forget the tips mentioned above and perhaps you can even share your own tips.